[Review] iRip 2 - Best iPod Music Ripper Free Software Review

Author Tasnia Salinas By Tasnia Salinas, on April 14, 2020, in iPhone Transfer

Summary: Would like to rip music off an iPod iPhone onto a PC Windows or Mac computer, and come across an iPhone iPod Music Ripper software called iRip 2? Read through our unbiased review on iRip 2.
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Still have a dinosaur iPod nano, iPod shuffle, or even iPod classic? Guess you may rarely put a hand on it as the modern smartphone almost replaced everything. How about these archived classic music on your iPod? Can you rip these songs from iPod to computer? If you have such a concern, then you are in the right place. We're going to dive into an excellent iPod Ripper software called iRip 2 (iPodRip) and give you the most specific review on it.

iRip 2 - iPod Ripper Review
iRip 2 - Best iPod Ripper Free Review

What Is iRip 2? Can I Trust an iPod Ripper?

iRip (formerly named iPodRip, renamed due to iPod trademark) is a commercial iPod music transfer and recovery tool for Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista. iRip (iPod Ripper) features an iTunes style interface, iPod media transfer, and integration with iTunes (Best iTunes Alternatives). With years of popularity, iRip (iPod Ripper) was originally released in August 2003 and has since had over 5 million downloads.

  • iRip (iPod Ripper) Developer/Publisher: The Little App Factory
  • iRip (iPod Ripper) Supported Devices: All iPhones, iPods and iPads (iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro not tested yet)
  • iRip (iPod Ripper) System Requirements: Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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iRip Review - Handy iPod Ripper Software for Windows PC/Mac

Based on our intensive tests (loading and offloading a large portion of iPod music with iRip), this decent iPod Ripper software earns its good fame. Thanks to iRip (iPod Ripper), you can share your iPod/iPhone music library with anyone on a Windows PC or Mac. It's also a brilliant feature that to activate the Use as Drive option of the iPod and store the iRip application on your iPod itself. Thus, by only connecting an iPod to a PC and installing the iPod Ripper software we will be able to download all the songs from iPod to computer.

iRip Review - Handy iPod Ripper Software
iRip Review - Handy iPod Ripper Software

iRip (iPod Ripper) Advantages
  • Simple UI design with intuitive instructions
  • Working friendly on Windows PC/macOS
  • Blazing fast iPod music ripping speed
  • Automatically / Manually rip music off an iPod

iRip (iPod Ripper) Disadvantages

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Last Word On iRip Review

There's a lovely story about the name of iRip. In November 2009, The Little App Factory was informed by Apple to change the name of iPodRip to remove the trademark iPod. Then the developer sent an email to Steve Jobs and this email exchange was leaked garnering headlines due to Steve's succinct reply of "Change your apps name. Not that big of a deal." Interested in further reading? Check our full article on comparison of iPod transfer.

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Requirements: OS X 10.8+ , 13.1Mb free space
Version 3.0.2 (15 April, 2020) | Support macOS Catalina/Windows 10/8/7 | Category: iPod Transfer

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