Who We Are

MiniCreo is a startup company founded on early 2017. We combined our digital craftsmanship and committed ourselves to software design and development, which we believe could help users improve their life.

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Our Vision & Mission

We doesn't feel shame of being a young and small team. Instead, we are so excited and proud of our products. We believe all these early mornings and late nights will pay off one day.


Do Great Things

We focus on solving certain kind of digital problems when building up our products. They are born with one purpose, which is to give users simple and delightful solutions.


Be The First

It's the first sight you cast upon our products that tells their uniqueness. Innovative features, intuitive designs and groundbreaking technologies that are all make our software standing out of the crawds.


Do The Best

We constantly update our software to keep it tuned with these technology trends. New iOS, new macOS, new devices, we are passionate about keeping our products forward-going.

Our Products

We provide iPhone Transfer, iPhone Data Recovery, iTunes Alternative, iPhone Backup Extractor, iPod Transfer, and other Apple product related software. Here are our featured products.

Public Reviews

Thousands of satisfied customers love using MiniCreo products.

Omni Recover is a very useful and easy-to-use software that allows us to recover deleted files from the iPhone or any iOS device.

On 12/11/2017

With Omni Recover, you can have peace of mind knowing all your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch files are easily recoverable.

Keyur Kakadiya
On 11/20/2017

iPhone資料救援軟體《Omni Recover》,誤刪照片、筆記、LINE對話都救得回來!

On 11/28/2017