If your Mac runs OS X El Capitan or earlier version, when look into the storage bar in About This Mac, probably you'll find a storage category labeled as Other (In macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra, the Other storage on Mac renamed as Purgeable). So what does Other on my Mac mean? Is it harmful to my Mac? Is it safe to remove Other from my Mac? If yes, how can I do it? Read on this tutorial to find all answers you want to know.

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What Is Other Storage On My Mac

What Is Other Storage On My Mac And How To Remove It

Part 1: Frequently Asked Questions About What Is The Other On My Mac

The Storage tab in About This Mac shows about how much storage space certain files are using on each of your connected drives. Depending on the usage of time, your Mac may be filled with applications files, documents, iOS device backups, iTunes library, Photos or other kind of content on your Mac. Give a check on the following FAQs to get better understanding of what is Other on my Mac.

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  • Q: What is the Other in my Macbook Pro storage? A: In OS X El Capitan or earlier, the "Other" files are those that your Mac doesn't recognize as belonging to any other category. These include files within disk images or archives, data stored by apps such as Contacts or Calendar, and app plug-ins or extensions. When your Mac is in Safe Mode, all files are categorized as Other.
  • Q: What does Purgeable storage mean on my Mac? A: In macOS Sierra, the "Purgeable" content appears when you've turned on Optimize Mac Storage. It's storage space that your Mac can automatically make available when storage space is needed. Files marked as purgeable can always be downloaded again on demand.
  • Q: How do I clean up the Other on my Mac? A: First up, neither files in Other nor Purgeable storage is harmful or wasteful to your Mac computer. On the contrary, in most cases, they are intended to help your Mac run efficiently. If sometimes you feel the Other is no more innocuous to your hard drive storage, follow steps mentioned in Part 2 to learn how to clean Other on your Mac.

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Part 2: How To Clean Other Storage On Mac

macOS Sierra gives plenty of storage optimizing recommendations, which will improve the storage status on your Mac. Here are detailed steps that may help you clean up Other storage on your Mac.


  • Step 1: On your Mac computer, click the Apple logo on the left top corner > click About This Mac > Storage > If you found the Other storage is considerable, click Manage:
  • How To Clean Other Storage On Mac

    How To Clean Other Storage On Mac Step 1

  • Step 2: The System Information utility will show you the best recommendations per your computer on how to safely optimize the storage of your Mac:
  • How To Clean Other Storage On Mac

    How To Clean Other Storage On Mac Step 2

The Bottom Line

Now perhaps you've understood what is the Other/Purgeable storage on your Mac and how to remove them. Another Mac keeping tip for you is to uninstall these stubborn and outdated applications from your Mac.

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