The Secrets Behind Retrieving Deleted iPhone Messages

The simple secret behind the scene is that when you delete a message on your iPhone, iOS only removes the path to access that thread of message, but the actual data is still stored on your device until these storage blocks get taken up by other data.

What this free iPhone Message Recovery software does is to find these deleted messages, repair the path to let them ready for recovery, and retrieve your permanently deleted chat histories back to your Mac computer.

Free iPhone Message Recovery is Helpful in Many Cases

Have you ever accidentally deleted a thread of message on your iPhone, swipe to delect a SMS texts with attached photos by mistake, experienced severe iOS upgrade failure or even just lost/broken your device? Thankfully Free iPhone Message Recovery may save your life in many iOS data disasters.

Mistake Deletion

iOS Upgrade Failure

Forgotten Password

Device Damage/Lost

iOS Data Disaster

Device Restoration Failure


Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone In 3 Easy Steps

Need to recover your deleted iPhone iMessages or SMS text messages in hurry? Get Free iPhone Message Recovery on your Mac, create an iPhone backup, preview the found data, and export your recovered texts at one go (iCloud backups recovery is on the way).

Best Free iPhone Message Recovery Software
  1. 1
    Extract Device/iTunes Backup

    Connect your iPhone to Mac > Open Free iPhone Message Recovery and let it scan your backup.

  2. 2
    Preview Recovered Text Messages

    After Free iPhone Message Recovery finished scanning, choose which texts you needed.

  3. 3
    Export Deleted iPhone Messages

    Preview deleted and existing messages and attached pictures, videos. Select the ones for recovery.

Best Free iPhone Message Recovery Software

Get Your Valued iPhone Texts Back. For Free

Less efforts. Better chances. Free iPhone Message Recovery gives an average 58.6% iOS text retrival success rate, helping users enjoy simple and relieved daily life.

Runs on macOS

Free iPhone Message Recovery runs on Mac OS X 10.8 and above. iPhone Message Recovery for Windows version is coming soon.

Support iOS 12

Free iPhone Message Recovery supports all iOS versions including the latest iOS 12 beta. Keeps updated at the first time.

Support iPhone X

Supports recovering text messages from all generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, including iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 plus.

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More iPhone Text Message Recovery Tips

Free iPhone Message Recovery is just the starting point of our effort toward assisting you to retrieve your deleted iPhone data. Here are more specific troubleshooting tips for you.