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Author Spencer Mcfadden By Spencer Mcfadden, on December 2, 2019, in iPod Transfer

Summary: Have a desire to put your iPod iPhone music, videos and photos on a PC Windows computer, and come across an iPhone iPod Music Transfer software called CopyTrans? Read through our unbiased review on CopyTrans.
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For average iPhone and iPod users, it's a nightmare to manage their media content on an Apple device as iTunes, the native iPhone iPod transfer software, is just not friendly neither for PC Windows and macOS (it's glad to see Apple removed iTunes from macOS Catalina). That's why you may consider getting an iTunes Alternative software to workaround all these terrible limits and restrictions.

This barrier gives you the perfect reason to choose CopyTrans - a Windows PC software made for the transfer of songs from iPod and iPhone to the computer. Originally named as CopyPod, a name that's forbidden by Apple, CopyTrans was one of the first to copy music data from an iPod and import it to a computer, beginning from 2004. CopyTrans automatically transfers the songs, videos, podcasts and audiobooks from an iPod, iPod touch or iPhone to iTunes. Meanwhile, CopyTrans also includes metadata such as playlists, counts, ratings.

CopyTrans Review
Best Free iPod Music Transfer for Windows and Mac

What Is CopyTrans? Can I Trust CopyTrans?

CopyTrans is the Windows Only software for copying music from iPhone iPod to your computer. You can use CopyTrans to manage your iPod, iPod Touch, and iPhone without iTunes. CopyTrans allows to create and edit playlists, import artwork, edit track information, search and synchronize your iPod music.

  • CopyTrans Developer/Publisher: WindSolutions
  • CopyTrans Supported Devices: All iPhones, iPods and iPads (iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro not tested yet)
  • CopyTrans System Requirements: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10

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CopyTrans Review - Handy iPod Music Transfer for Windows PC

Use CopyTrans on a Windows PC is simple. To start, you need to connect your iPhone, iPod, or iPad with an USB cable. Wait for CopyTrans to scan your device, choose your transfer settings, and then CopyTrans will do all things left. Thanks to the new Smart Backup feature in CopyTrans V4.0, you can automatically add songs from iPod to iTunes without the bother of duplicated tunes.

Best Free iPod Music Transfer Software - CopyTrans Review
Best Free iPod Music Transfer Software - CopyTrans Review

CopyTrans Advantages
  • Smart backup feature makes knowing what to back up simple
  • CopyTrans is easy to use
  • Transfers metadata like play counts
  • Automatically / Manually sync iPod music.

CopyTrans Disadvantages

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CopyTrans Review Conclusion

After all, CopyTrans is a great option for people who need to transfer or backup their iPod music and video collections back to Windows PC computer. Though lack the support for iBooks, CopyTrans is still powerful enough to copy and offload iPod libraries to new computers.

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Requirements: OS X 10.8+ , 13.1Mb free space
Version 2.9.2 (2 December, 2019) | Support macOS Catalina/Windows 10/8/7 | Category: iPod Transfer

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