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We built all MiniCreo software with simplicity in mind. If we failed to do so, then we want to remove the complexity by composing detailed product online tutorials. If you have doubt in using our product, give a try on the following specific user guides.

Omni Recover Guide - iPhone Data Recovery (PC/Mac)

SyncBird Pro Guide - iPhone File Transfer Software (Mac)

Omni Remover Guide - App Cleaner & Uninstaller (Mac)

MiniCreo FAQs

We've received a large amount of messages from our users and we appreciated all these valuable feedbacks. In order to help you find the most useful MiniCreo product suggestions and troubleshooting tips, we collected this FAQs section for you.

Product FAQ - Most Asked Questions About Our Products

What is Omni Recover?
Omni Recover is safe and efficient iOS Data Recovery software that's made to retrieve your deleted or lost iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch content. Basically it offers two recovery methods: Recover from iOS Devices and Recover from iTunes Backup. Either way works great in certain circumstances and when you're in complicated situation, Omni Recover would give you multi-layered iPhone Data Recovery plan.
Do I need to pay for Omni Recover?
Yes. Omni Recover is commercial and professional iPhone data recovery software. Before purchasing, you can use the free trial copy to scan and preview your iOS data. If Omni Recover can display the deleted/lost data you need, then purchase a license code to activate the full copy. If you are not satisfied, ask for a refund whenever you want.
Will Omni Recover be available on my Windows PC?
Sorry currently Omni Recover is for both macOS and Windows PC. We are building the Windows version of SyncBird Pro and probably it will work it out in months.
Why SyncBird Pro cannot find my iPhone, iPad or iPod?
We have several ways to troubleshoot this issue. Simply give a try to connect the iOS device to a different USB port on the computer; reboot your iPhone, iPad or iPod; Update the iPhone Driver in Windows PC, etc.
How can I uninstall Omni Recover from my Mac?
Omni Recover is safe and clean desktop app for your Mac. You can uninstall it by openning Finder > Applications > drag Omni Recover folder to Trash bin to remove it from your Mac.

Sales FAQ - Most Asked Pre-Sale Questions

What is your policy on refund?
We values every customer and work hard to provide customers with an enjoyable experience using MiniCreo products and services. For any reasonable order dispute, we provide a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for all products.
Do you offer Free-Trial edition for MiniCreo products?
All MiniCreo software offers a free trial version, so customers can 'test-drive' before deciding to purchase. These trial versions may have functional limitation, such as the recovered iOS data for only preview, limited iPhone file transfer quota, etc.
Do you offer Free Technical Support for MiniCreo products?
Sure, we do. We are proud to offer all customers free and premium 7/24/365 Technical Support on all MiniCreo products and services.

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