Top 10 Common iOS 13 Problems and How To Fix

By MiniCreo, On August 27, 2019 | in iOS 13 Problems

Common iOS 13 Problems and How To Fix

Announced at WWDC in June, iOS 13 is Apple's next operating system for iPhones and iPads. To have an early try with iOS 13 features, such as Dark Mode, Find My app, revamped Photos app and new Siri voice, you don't have to wait for the official release of iOS 13 in this September. The developer beta version of iOS 13 is available for download for a while.

In case you may have sort of iOS 13 upgrading errors or problems, we at MiniCreo, industry expert and proud maker of Fix My iPhone, are dedicated to compose this top 10 tips for fixing common iOS 13/iPhone problems.

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iOS 13 Problems 1 - Unable to Install Update, An Error Occurred Installing

Symptoms: Some users may repeatedly get an error message saying "Unable to Install Update, an error occurred installing iOS 12/13" during their iOS 12/13 upgrade process. Someone may also quit the iOS 12/13 upgrade in half way without having any specific notice. One recent error message says:

Unable to Install Update, An Error Occurred Installing
iOS 13 Problems - Unable to Install Update, An Error Occurred Installing

Solutions: iOS 12/13 update requires several preconditions so it's common to have some issues during the update. If you're unable to install iOS 12/13 update on your iPhone or iPad, you can try these tips given below and get the issue fixed by yourself.

  • Tip 1 - Check if your iPhone, iPad has sufficient storage for downloading and install iOS 12/13
  • Tip 2 - Remove/re-download iOS 12/13 update firmware and then try again
  • Tip 3 - Make sure your device has stable network connection
  • Tip 4 - Use a third-party iOS System Recovery tool to update

iOS 13 Problems 2 - iOS 13 'Resume Download' or 'Update Request' Error

Symptoms: One most recent iOS 13 glitch is that, when users trying to issue the update, the Download and Install button is Settings app is missing, and they see 'Resume Download' or 'Update Request' greyed out button instead. If you have met the same issue, follow this article to learn how to fix iOS 13 Update Stuck on 'Resume Download' or 'Update Request'.

Full Solutions

Quick Fixes:

  • Fix 1: Free Up Enough Storage Space for iOS 13 Download
  • Fix 2: Try Software Methods To Enhance Network Connection
  • Fix 3: Check iOS 13 Software Availability on Apple Website
  • Fix 4: Try Hardware Methods To Troubleshot iOS Problems

iOS 13 Problems 3 - iPhone 7/8/Xr/Xs Stuck on Verifying Update iOS 13

Symptoms: As the iOS 13 software updates requires sufficient storage space, stable network connection and other certain conditions, is some rare cases, you may realize that your iPhone 7 isn't updating as it gets stuck on verifying update issue. In this article, we'll show you 5 Methods To Fix iPhone 7 Stuck on Verifying iOS 13 Update Issue.

Full Solutions

Quick Fixes:

  • Fix 1: Ensure enough free storage for iOS 13 update
  • Fix 2: Try turn off Wifi connection and turn back on
  • Fix 3: Check If iOS 13 Update Is Working via Apple Server Status
  • Fix 4: Use An Expert iOS System Recovery Software

iOS 13 Problems 4 - Unable To Install iOS 13 Update - An Error Occurred

Symptoms: There are several ways to update an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the latest iOS 12/iOS 13. But the update requires basic requirements and certain conditions. If you see an error message while trying to update your device, consider our curated iOS 13 Update Problems and Fixes Troubleshooting Tips to have a quick solution.

Full Solutions

Quick Fixes:

  • Fix 1: Check If Your iPhone or iPad is iOS 13 Compatible
  • Fix 2: Delete iOS Update IPSW File and Try Again
  • Fix 3: Check Network Connection If You Use Wireless Update
  • Fix 4: iOS 13 Install Stuck with Apple Logo and Black Screen
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