😺 Why Does My iPhone Get So Hot
And How To Fix iPhone Overheating 🔥

Whenever I use my iPhone 5s, doing ANYTHING (like using Reeder 2 or just browsing offline content in safari reading list my iPhone gets extremely hot. I mean extremely by you almost cannot hold it. I used to have to iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and they did not have this problem, I had issues sometimes with them but a clear install (DFU, how to put iPhone in recovery mode >) usually helps and solves everything. Even if I use my iPhone in airplane mode(mornings) it gets very VERY hot! I think there must be some problems with power amplifying as the normal 5 I had before, got very hot sometimes, but I was able to hold it still and it only got hot if I played graphic intense games.

-- By Mazsi1911 frmo Apple Community

By far more than 60% users have updated to iOS 11 but obviously not everyone is happy with Apple's new mobile system. Among several users reported iOS 11 problems, the iPhone battery draining fast (extremely) and iPhone gets overheating easily are two most commonly met iOS 11 issues.

Why my iPhone get hot or even overheating so fast? Before answering this question, we understand iPhone tending to burn itself is frustrating, but often you even cannot tell if it's iOS software issue or hardware fallbacks. We'll cover a variety of tips and advice to help remedy my iPhone getting too hot easily after updating to iOS 11.

Determine Your iPhone Is
Warm / Hot / Danger Hot 🤔

According to Apple, your iPhone (also iPad and iPod touch) is better stored where the temperature is between -20º and 45º C (-4º to 113º F). A good advise, for instance, is don't leave your iPhone in your car, because temperatures in parked cars can exceed this range. When you cannot tell if your iPhone is just warm, or slightly hot, or danger hot, here are some tips.

My iPhone May Get Warm

  • When you set up your iPhone for the first time.
  • When you restore iPhone from a backup.
  • When apps processing heavy data request, intense graphic gameplay, live streaming and alike.

When iPhone Goes Hot

  • Your iPhone charging would slow or stop.
  • iPhone display dims or goes black.
  • Cellular radios enter a low-power state. The signal might weaken during this time.
  • The camera flash is temporarily disabled.

When iPhone Goes Danger Hot

  • iPhone temperature goes too high and you can obviously feel the overheating.
  • If iPhone exceeds its certain temperature threshold, it will present a temperature warning screen saying: iPhone need to cool down before you can use it.

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Why Does My iPhone Get So Hot

Why Does My iPhone Get So Hot

Understand Why Does My
iPhone Get So Hot

Probably you'll catch some ideas about why your iPhone gets hot/overheating when you have see its computing power. Take new iPhone 8 as an example, its A11 Bionic chip can provide with 2.4 GHz benchmark which is close to average CPUs in desktop computers. This makes it easier for an iPhone to get hot more frequently.

Besides, the higher the resolution on the display (especially intense graphic game, or live streaming apps like Twitch), the harder a mobile processor has to work. That's the general reason why your iPhone will get overheat much easier than before. On certain circumstances, the malfunctioning for iPhone hardware or glitches of iOS may cause your iPhone overheat too. Here are the examples.

  • Some Common Reasons Why Your iPhone So Hot [iOS 11]:
  • Intense Graphic Game Playing or Over-loaded Data Streaming, Like Twitch.
  • Too Much Background Apps Running or Refreshing Content.
  • iOS 11 Runs Incompatibe or Malfunctions on Your iPhone.
  • Poor Enviroment, Heavy iPhone Case Or Other External Factors.

7 Easy & Quick Ways To Cool
Down a Hot iPhone

Is your iPhone too hot? Whether you've just updated to iOS 11 or you've been experiencing iPhone overheating issues for a while, here are our top 10 tips to help you cool down your hot iPhones.

1. Close All Background App

iOS 11 does give an option to check which apps consume most CPU(processor chip) memory on your iPhone, but there are circuities to find clues easily. You may have guessed, If an app is using a lot of battery life, very likely it’s taxing your iPhone’s CPU too. Go to Settings -> Battery and look at the list of apps in the Battery Usage section to see which apps are using the most battery life and identify apps that could be causing your iPhone to get hot.

Check Which Apps May Cause Your iPhone Hot:

  1. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery USAGE.
Why Does My iPhone So Hot

How To Cool Down Hot iPhone - Close Apps

2. Free Up Space on iPhone

Accumulated iOS junk files on your iPhone would give rise to redundant and invalid computing. So freeing up space on iPhone remedy a frequent overheating iPhone. One way to do that is to offload your photos and videos on your iPhone to your computer, to iCloud Photo Library, or to a backup service like Google Photos. Here are more tips on cooling down your heating iPhone by reclaiming more free storage.

How To Free Up Space on iPhone:

  1. Try Storage Optimizing Recommendations
  2. Enable 'Offload Unused Apps'.
  3. Clear Messages, Voice Messages and Attachments
  4. Delete Old iBooks and Podcasts.
  5. Try third-party iPhone Cleaner software like SyncBird to clean up and tune up your hot iPhone in one click.
Why Does My iPhone So Hot

Free Up Storage to Cool Down A Hot iPhone

3. Reset iPhone To Stop App/iOS Glitches

If after checking out your apps, you still have iPhone overheating problem, then it's suggested to reset your iPhone to factory settings so you'll get a clean iOS system again (Learn How To Transfer Data Back To New iPhone).

If you have both software and hardware issues with your iPhone, and you'd like to conduct a deeper range of iPhone reboosting, then to put your iPhone into DFU recovery mode may work too.

How to Put an iPhone in Recovery Mode:

  1. If iTunes is already open, close it. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.
  2. While your device is connected, force restart it.
  3. When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Update. iTunes will try to reinstall iOS without erasing your data. Wait while iTunes downloads the software for your device.
  4. After the Update or Restore completes, set up your device.
Why Does My iPhone So Hot

Why Does My iPhone So Hot and How To Fix

4. Avoid To Put iPhone Close To Heat Source

Models after iPhone 7 are water and dust proofing but it doesn't mean you can put iPhone anywhere. Your iPhone overheating problem may be also caused by outright overheat and lead to a temperature warning on the device. So always keep your iPhone away from an external heat source like being left in the sun or atop a car heating vent.

What To Do When Your iPhone Overheat:

  1. If your iPhone exceeds a certain temperature threshold, it will present a temperature warning screen.
  2. To cool down your overheating iPhone as quickly as possible: turn it off, move it to a cooler environment, and allow it to cool down.
Why Does My iPhone So Hot

What To Do When Your iPhone Overheat

5. Turn Off Useless iOS 11 Services

Location Services in iOS 11 uses GPS, Bluetooth, and crowd-sourced WLAN hotspot and cell tower locations to detect and fallback your location. It's popularly used in mainstream apps and greatly improved user experience for modern iPhones (Learn What's New in iPhone 8 ). However, for the old iPhones like iPhone 5 or earlier models, Location Services will consume too many resources too. So turn off Location and services alike to cool down your hot iPhone.

How To Disable Location Services on iPhone:

  1. Launch the Settings app and tap on Privacy > Choose Location Services >Now choose what apps can access your location and how.
Why Does My iPhone So Hot and How To Fix

Why Does My iPhone So Hot and How To Fix

6. Miscellaneous Tips To Cool Down iPhone

Whenever you feel your iPhone is getting hot, avoid doing things that may heat up your iPhone, like playing giant games, keeping iPhone under case, avoid charging until you get somewhere cooler, or the iPhone's had a chance to cool down.

Why Does My iPhone So Hot and How To Fix

Why Does My iPhone So Hot and How To Fix

7. Repair iPhone Hardware

In rare cases, the iPhone CPU or battery may work abnormal and cause your iPhone getting hot way too easy. If you're not under Apple warranty, we recommend you to have a try with an affordable iPhone repair service Puls. It meets you at a location of your choice and repair your hot iPhone in hours.

Why Does My iPhone So Hot

Puls - iPhone Hardware Repair Service

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