Common iPhone Problems & Fixes

An iPhone Problem may get caused by misusing operations, iOS software glitches, or hardware defeats. We listed all common iPhone problems and best fixes on this MiniCreo Knowledge Center page to help you find the best iPhone Problems and Solutions in a quick and easy manner. UPDATED for the current iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iOS 13.3.

iPhone Model Issues

Both software and hardware vary on different model of iPhones (See How Many iPhones Are There). So in order to give you most specific troubleshooting tutorials upon respective iPhone problems, we composed this document by sorting iPhone problems upon most commonly used iPhone models, such as iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, etc.

Common iPhone 6/6 Plus Problems

Apple Service and App Issues

Keep it in mind that, neither an iPhone nor other Apple product can work without the support from the entire Apple eco-system. While using an iPhone, you become an appendage to a series of Apple services. Many iPhone problems have the remote Apple services involved, such as iMessages not working, iCloud cannot download photos, iOS cannot update, etc.

Common Apple Service Problems

Common iPhone App Not Working Problems

Common iPhone/iTunes Restore Errors

iOS Software Issues

In many cases, an iPhone malfunctioning problem could be caused by iOS software issues. Some notorious iOS software problems are like iPhone 6 Battery Draining Fast in iOS 13, iPhone gets hot easily with iOS 12, etc.

Common iOS 13 Problems

Common iOS 12 Problems