Users of older versions of Adobe Creative Cloud apps including Photoshop (Learn How To Uninstall Adobe VirtualBox on Mac) have been told to stop using them or face potential "infringement claims" from third-party companies who are unnamed but suspected to be Dolby. Adobe cites only "ongoing litigation" as the reason for the abrupt announcement.

"Adobe recently discontinued certain older versions of Creative Cloud applications. Customers using those versions have been notified that they are no longer licensed to use them and were provided guidance on how to upgrade to the latest authorized versions," said Adobe in a statement to AppleInsider.

Twitter user Matt Roszak was the first to report on the official Adobe email but many others have now followed suit. Each person has received a personalised email specifying the older apps they are using, which so far appear to include Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom Classic, Animate and Media Director.

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