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uTorrent Uninstalling Tips

How To Uninstall uTorrent on Mac in Easy Steps

Why uTorrent Won’t Uninstall on My Mac:
I made a terrible mistake in downloading uTorrent, which basically takes over my MacBook Pro. I’ve been reading that it is very difficult to uninstall, is it?

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µTorrent is a proprietary adware BitTorrent client owned and developed by BitTorrent. µTorrent has over 150 million users globally. The µTorrent desktop program’s small memory footprint: the program was designed to use minimal computer resources while offering functionality comparable to larger BitTorrent clients such as Vuze or BitComet.

For the bad part, however, when installing uTorrent on your Mac, it will also include tons of adware in your Chrome or Firefox. You may even be not able to move the uTorrent app to trash to delete it. Don’t worry, you can follow this article to do clean uninstall uTorrent from your Mac (Learn How To Completely Uninstall Programs on Mac).

Part 1: How To Manually Uninstall uTorrent on Mac

If you want to uninstall uTorrent from your Mac running macOS 10.8 or later version, you can simply drag the uTorrent icon in Applications folder to Trash. But in regard of removing uTorrent associated app files, you can follow steps below to get it done quickly.

      • Step 1: Open Finder > Applications > Find and remove uTorrent to trash.
      • Step 2: To clean up the uTorrent app completely from your Mac, you need to find and clean the clutters in the following folders:
      • HD/Users/”Current username”/ Library*/Application Support/µtorrent
        HD/Users/”Current user name”/ Library*/Caches/com.bittorrent.uTorrent
        HD/Users/”Current user name”/ Library*/Preferences/com.bittorrent.uTorrent.plist
        HD/Users/”Current user name”/ Library*/Application Support/CrashReporter/uTorrent_717493EE-277A-5E54-8F02-3555ADA119B8.plist
        HD/Users/”Current user name”/ Library*/LaunchAgents/com.bittorrent.uTorrent.plist

Part 2: Common Problems of Uninstalling uTorrent on Mac Manually

Many users reported when they were trying to uninstall uTorrent from Mac, the app no longer appears in LaunchPad or Applications folder, however, every time they load a new torrent, uTorrent automatically loads and runs the download. More similar uTorrent uninstalling problems include:

  • uTorrent for Mac cannot be removed from Launchpad.
  • Data / Files / Shortcuts / Icon that is related to uTorrent for Mac have been found in the later use on your Mac.
  • The web browser gets infected by adware after installing/uninstalling uTorrent.
  •  uTorrent still is the default torrent downloader even you removed it from your Mac.

Part 3: How To Completely Uninstall uTorrent on Mac

macOS enjoys great prestige for its self-containing ability. But there are still stubborn apps (like MacKeeper) breaking roles and causing troubles for us. Thankfully you can use a professional Mac App Uninstaller software to handle these frustrations.

Omni Remover 2 is one of the most efficient and reliable Mac app uninstaller utilities that will save you the trouble of removing uTorrent from your Mac. You can follow steps below to completely uninstall uTorrent from your Mac is just a few seconds.

uTorrent for Mac Uninstalling Steps:

  • Step 1: Download and install Omni Remover 2 on your Mac > Launch Omni Remover 2:Omni Remover 2 - Best App Uninstaller for Mac
  • Step 2: App Uninstall tab > find uTorrent and click the Scan To Uninstall button:How To Uninstall uTorrent on Mac
  • Step 3: After Omni Remover 2 finished scanning uTorrent, it will show you all associated files like app binary file, saved status, app support file, preferences, caches, etc.
  • Step 4: Click Clean Uninstall to start removing uTorrent and related app files from your Mac.How To Uninstall uTorrent on Mac

The Bottom Line

Have you successfully uninstalled uTorrent from your Mac with our suggestions above? If yes, feel free to share Omni Remover 2 with your friends. Apart from these basic Mac app uninstalling features, Omni Remover 2 can also thoroughly clean up app junks and free up much more storage on your Mac. Give it a try here:

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