Supported iOS Data Types

Check what types of iOS data and file Omni Recover is capable of retrieving. Also understand that Omni Recover supported iOS data or file types may vavy based on the recovery method you choose.

iOS Data Description
Recover iPhone contact name, phone numbers, and other contact information.
Get back incoming and outgoing phone call history, along with Date and Duration.
Retrieve deleted SMS and iMessages text / voice messages, including images, videos and other attached files.
Reclaim deleted or lost notes, details and date in Notes app.
Recover events, notes and other data in Calendar app.
Recover events, reminders and other personal data in Reminders app.
Recover Safari browsing histories with detailed webpage titles and URLs.
Recover favorite, bookmarked, and reading list covered webpages in Safari.
Recover personal voice messages (Visual Voicemail) in Phone app.
Recover photos and videos in both Camera Roll and Photo Library.
Get deleted voice recordings back on your iPhone Voice Memos app.
Recover document files received or created by third party apps, like Office, Keynotes, Pages, Numbers, etc.
Recover all downloaded audio files from third party apps, like Spotify, Pandora, Google Music, etc.
Recover MPEG-4 videos files downloaded or generated by third party apps, like SnapChat, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
Recover deleted WhatsApp text messages, attached photos and videos files.
Recover deleted Line text messages, attached photos and videos files.
Recover deleted Viber text messages, attached photos and videos files.