Supported Application Cache Junk

Check what types of application cache junk Omni Remover is capable of cleaning. Understand why it's necessary to run thoroughly scanning and cleaning when removing applications on Mac.

Application Junk Description
App Binary Junk App universal binary is an executable file or application bundle that runs natively on PowerPC, which is not longer useful on Intel 64-based Macs.
App Saved State Junk The Application Saved States data is used for macOS Resume feature. It's safe to remove such files since they will be regenerated upon an apps use.
App Support Junk Application Support folder contains complementary files for each application. When uninstalling an app, you should also remove its associated files in Application Support folder.
App Preferences Junk The Mac application preferences are files that store the rules (or parameters) that tell your apps how they should work.
App Library Junk The Application Library folder contains application settings, caches and other system files needed to run the programs.
App Crash Log The crash reporter file generated when an application crashed.
App Log Files The app running reporter file generated when by applications.
App Dock Item The file that plays a role as a Link / Shortcut to let the application appear in Dock.