Supported macOS System Junk

Check what types of macOS system data and file Omni Remover is capable of cleaning. Also understand that Omni Remover supports not only the application cache data, but probably most of orphaned and useless system junk.

System Junk Description
System Caches Cache files that remain latent in the system.
User App Caches Caches generated by third-party applications.
System Logs System running logs that can diagnose and troubleshoot problems.
User App Logs Logs and reports generated by third-party apps.
Redundant Language Files The superfluous and needless language files.
iOS Photo Caches Thumb picture files generated by iTunes photo syncing.
iOS Update Caches Cache files generated when you sync iOS and upgrade applications.
Broken System Preference Broken and orphaned system preferences.
Broken User Preference The user app preferences that're no longer in use.
Broken User Login Item The user login items that're disabled but not showing.
App Leftover Remaining junk files when an app have been removed.
Development Junk An amount of log files generated in the development process.
Unwanted Languages The language files that've never been used.
Emptry Trash All items in Trash are safe to clean.
Browser Junk Cache, cookies, browsing histories and bookmarks that are generated by Safari, Chrome, Firefox and other browser.