Simple Ways To Uninstall Microsoft Excel on Mac

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What Is Microsoft Excel? Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet productivity app developed by Microsoft, available on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Microsoft Excel can do calculation, graphing, table pivoting, and macro programming. Microsoft Excel has been a very widely applied spreadsheet for these platforms and it forms part of the Microsoft Office suite of software (How To Properly Uninstall Microsoft Office 365 on Mac).

Why uninstalling Microsoft Excel on Mac? Microsoft Excel has overwhelmed the spreadsheet software in the past decades, but there are still a good number of Excel alternatives, such as Numbers, part of iWork suit. Because Excel is widely used, it has been attacked by hackers. If you are not a fan of Excel, or just not satisfied with Microsoft Office, then follow this article to learn how to completely uninstall Microsoft Excel on Mac.

How To Uninstall Microsoft Excel Office Apps on Mac

Table of Content:

Part 1: Uninstall Microsoft Excel on Mac with Office Uninstaller

Microsoft Office 365 for Mac has a pack of apps including Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint for Mac, etc. So if you just want to remove Excel, it'll risk messing up other Microsoft apps. Even worse part is, there is no official Office 365 Uninstaller program that can ease up the pain on this matter. This is why we recommend you to follow our specific tutorials to remove Microsoft Excel on your Mac.

  • Step 1: Quit Microsoft Excel and kill all running threads in Terminal > Open Finder > Applications > Office 365 >  Move Microsoft Excel to Trash:
  • How To Uninstall Microsoft Excel on Mac
  • Step 2: Find Microsoft Excel document caches, user profiles, customized Excel themes, templates and other third-party Microsoft Excel Add-on tools, open Finder > Go > Go To Folder > Enter ~/Library/Application/Support/Microsoft Excel/
  • How To Uninstall Microsoft Excel on Mac
  • Step 3: Get rid of the following Microsoft Excel reluctant leftover:
  • Step 4: Clean up all these application leftover files that're related to Microsoft Excel to Trash > Empty Trash and restart your Mac to finish the uninstalling of Microsoft Excel on your Mac.
  • How To Uninstall Microsoft Excel on Mac Manually

Part 2: How To Clean Uninstall Microsoft Excel on Mac [Time-Saving Method]

Even experienced users may fail to remove Microsoft Excel as it's hard to search and find all Office leftover junk from your Mac. To save you from endless Office cleaning trifles, you can choose an expert Mac App Uninstaller program called Omni Remover.

Omni Remover is made for slimming down the tedious Office removal procedure to 1-Clisk task. With newly updated Mac app cache junk searching algorithms, it can save you up to 5-10 gigabytes of junks by thoroughly cleaning up Office orphaned junk files. Check how to uninstall Microsoft Excel with Omni Remover. Free Download

  1. 1
    Step 1:

    Click here to download Omni Remover > Install and Open Omni Remover on your Mac (macOS Big Sur included).

    How To Uninstall Microsoft Excel on Mac Step 1
  2. 2
    Step 2:

    In Omni Remover > App Uninstall > Select Microsoft Excel icon > Click Scan to browse Microsoft Excel associated cache junks.

    How To Uninstall Microsoft Excel on Mac Step 2
  3. 3
    Step 3:

    Let Omni Remover scan all Microsoft Excel related app cache junk > After that, click Clean to start uninstalling Microsoft Excel Client from your Mac.

    How To Uninstall Microsoft Excel on Mac Step 3

The Bottom Line

Now can yiu uninstall Microsoft Excel from your Mac with our suggestions above? Or still feel your Mac is slow or short of storage? To keep your Mac clean and running fast, give Omni Remover a try here: Free Download Now

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