How To Uninstall Blender Graphic Software on Mac

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What Is Blender? Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, interactive 3D applications and video games. You can handle a variety of graphics editing and modeling task with Blender features, including 3D modeling, texturing, raster graphics editing, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, animating, match moving, rendering, motion graphics, video editing and compositing (How To Uninstall GIMP Photo Editor on Mac).

Why uninstalling Blender on Mac? Due to the open-source nature, Blender has been cloned by many other programs users even hardly recognize if they are using the real version. Some Blender based 3D graphic software include IllusionMage, 3DMofun, 3DMagix, and Fluid Designer, etc. If you are using the fake Blender, or you simply want to quit Blender, you can follow this article to learn how to completely uninstall Blender on Mac.

How To Uninstall Blender on Mac

Table of Content:

Part 1: How To Uninstall Blender on Mac Manually

Rather than comes with an in-built uninstaller program, Blender is not that easy to removed from a Mac since whenever you reinstall it from, you'll still have its original settings that you thought you have got them away. So follow steps below to learn how to completely uninstall Blender 3D graphic software on macOS Catalina (The Perfect Methods To Delete Unwanted Apps on MacBook Air).

  • Step 1: Open Finder > Applications > Blender >  Drag Blender to Trash:
  • How To Uninstall Blender on Mac
  • Step 2: After that, move on to wipe out Blender documents, 3D graphic engines and other third-party Blender Add-on tools, open Finder > Go > Go To Folder > Enter ~/Library/Application/Support/Blender/
  • How To Uninstall Blender on Mac
  • Step 3: Find all Blender related application junk in these subfolders: Application Support | Caches | Containers | Frameworks | Logs | Preferences | Saved | Application State | WebKit
  • How To Uninstall Blender on Mac
  • Step 4: Delete the files associated with Blender to Trash > Empty Trash and restart your Mac to finish the uninstalling of Blender on your Mac.
  • How To Uninstall Blender on Mac Manually

Part 2: How To Clean Uninstall Blender on Mac [Time-Saving Method]

Blender, like almost all programs, also stores persistent information like preferences, themes and scripts somewhere on your hard-drive, which are hardly to get rid of without an expert helper. Omni Remover is the best in class Mac App Uninstaller software that can uninstall Blender on 1-Click basis. Check how to uninstall Blender with Omni Remover. Free Download

  1. 1
    Step 1:

    Click here to download Omni Remover 2 > Install and Open Omni Remover 2 on your Mac.

    How To Uninstall Blender on Mac Step 1
  2. 2
    Step 2:

    In Omni Remover 2 > App Uninstall > Choose Blender icon > Clean Uninstall.

    How To Uninstall Blender on Mac Step 2
  3. 3
    Step 3:

    Let Omni Remover scan all Blender related app cache junk > After that, click Clean Uninstall to start clean uninstalling Blender Client from your Mac.

    How To Uninstall Blender on Mac Step 3

The Bottom Line

Now can you thoroughly uninstall Blender on your Mac with our suggestions above? At last, apart from completely uninstalling Blender and other stubborn applications on Mac, Omni Remover can also clean up cache junk files generated by Xcode and other development tools. Give it a try here: Free Download Now

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Omni Remover

Requirements: OS X 10.8+, 13.1Mb free space
Version 2.8.0 (10 July, 2019) / Support macOS Catalina
Category: Mac Uninstaller

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