😺 This Simple Hack (+ 10 Tips) Can
Free Up Space on Your iPhone

It's more like a conspiracy that on the eve of every year's iPhone event, Apple will push 'warm and friendly' messages reminding us of 'your iPhone storage is (Almost) full'. If you, like millions of other iPhone users, are in a constant battle to free up more space on your iPhone for apps, photos and movies, we have a Simple Hack and a bunch of Pro Tips for you.

Reclaim GBs Storage
without Deleting Anything

It's a common pain that when trying to download a new app or take a few more photos, you may have a dreaded message saying "not enough storage" or "your iPhone is full". For the users with entry-level model of iPhone 5/6, the problem gets even severer. Original discovered by a smart Redditor (eavesdroppingyou), this simple hack will unleash gigabytes of free storage on your iPhone without deleting anything.

Step 1. Check Your iPhone Storage.

Not necessary but you'd better have a check with your current storage as a marker so as to find the change easily.

How To Check iPhone Storage:

  1. [iOS 11] Open to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Check how much free storage is left on your iPhone.
How To Check iPhone Storage

How To Check iPhone Storage

Step 2. Rent A Giant Movie on iTunes Store.

Go to the iTunes Store > Movies > search for any long film (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is a good choice at 6.83GB). The movie needs to be larger than the amount of space left on your phone. Tap the Rent button twice, bearing in mind you won't actually be paying for the film as you won't have enough space to download it.

(iTunes Store / App Store not working in iOS 11? Here are troubleshooting tips.)

iTunes Movie Cannot Download

Image Credit: RICK BROIDA from Cnet

Done. This is it.

After you see that "There's not enough space available to download your rental" message, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to see if there is more free storage available. Many users reported that by repeating this process, the free storage could constantly grow until your iPhone storage is higher than the movie you try to rent.

Check iPhone Storage

Check How Much iPhone Storage Has Been Reclaimed

Top 10 Tips To Free Up
Space on iPhone [iOS 11]

Even though Apple never ceases introducing new features to relief iPhone storage burden, running out of storage space remains a problem that many users still have to face. Thanks to iOS 11’s new recommendations for managing storage, free up space on your iPhone becomes a much easier task. If you still fully loaded your iPhone with photos, movies and games, try this complete roundup tips for freeing up space on iPhone.

1. Try Storage Optimizing Recommendations

Originally featured on macOS Sierra, the iPhone Storage Optimizing Recommendations allows users to quickly manage and optimize your iPhone storage.

How to Manage iPhone Storage:

  1. Open Settings app > General > iPhone Storage > Take a look at the recommendations, and enable some to save space.
How to Manage iPhone Storage

How to Manage iPhone Storage

2. Also Check Storage Hogs

Scroll down in iPhone Storage panel, find which apps use most of your storage. Delete unwanted ones and uninstall / redownload the ones you still need.

How to Manage iPhone Storage

Handle with Huge Apps

3. Enable 'Offload Unused Apps'.

Offload unused apps is a great feature in iOS 11 that delete the unused apps from your iOS device. You even do not have to worry about your document and data as iPhone still hold them. So, you can re-download these apps whenever you need them.

How to Enable Offload Unused Apps:

  1. Settings> iTunes and app store> Offload unused apps and enable it.
How to Enable Offload Unused Apps

How to Enable Offload Unused Apps

4. Consider Using Google Photos

iCloud Photo Library is great and all, but if your 5GB free iCloud storage is running out, give Google Photos a chance to save your photo collections.

How to Free iPhone Space with Google Photos:

  1. Open Google Photos > Settings > Manage device storage > Free up space.
Free Up iPhone Storage with Google Photos

Free Up iPhone Storage with Google Photos

5. Clear Messages and Attachments

Message is an easily ignorable place to free up more space on your iPhone. Give a check on your Messages, especially these groups, and clean up useless ones. In iOS 11, we have more options to free up iPhone space with recommended settings.

Enable Storage Recommendations for Message:

  1. Open Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Scroll down to find Messages option > Enable these Recommendations.
Enable Storage Recommendations for Message

Enable Storage Recommendations for Message

Clear Outdated Documents and Data:

  1. Continue to scroll down to find Documents and Data > Choose specific catagory > Click Edit > Select files > Click Trash can to lean up useless files.
Clear Outdated Documents and Data

Clear Outdated Documents and Data

6. Turn Off Live Photos.

If you're not a fan of Apple Live Photos, turning it off will save you a large portion of storage on your iPhone.

How to Turn Off Live Photos:

  1. Open Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings > Turn off Live Photos.
How to Turn Off Live Photos

How to Turn Off Live Photos

7. Turn Off My Photo Stream.

By enabling My Photo Stream, you'll zap your iPhone storage space too. Not only does it save your recent 1000 photos to iCloud, it also saves them in its own folder on your device. Turn it off to maximize your iPhone storage and you can always turn it back on later.

How to Turn Off My Photo Stream:

  1. Open Settings > Photos > Turn off Upload to My Photo Stream > Confirm to delete photos from your iPhone.
How to Turn Off My Photo Stream

How to Turn Off My Photo Stream

8. Delete Old iBooks and Podcasts.

If you've finished with reading an iBook or listening podcast, remember to clean them up since in most cases, we'll not do a reading or listening again. Feel free to delete them and you can re-download these iPhone content at any time.

Delete Old iBooks and Podcasts

Delete Old iBooks and Podcasts

9. Download from Streaming Services.

Instead of buying individual songs, movies or series TV Shows, whose files are too big to keep on your iPhone, just subscribe to streaming services. This will relief you from huge 'iPhone storage is full' crisis.

Download from Streaming Services

Download from Streaming Services

10. Clear Safari browser cache.

If you use Safari all the time, your iPhone may be storing web history and data that you simply do not need. To clear Safari's browser cache, open up the Settings app and tap Safari. Scroll down and click Clear History and Website Data.

Clear Safari browser cache

How To Clear Safari browser cache

Get More iPhone Storage Tips? Drop A Line to Us.

Do you have similar tips and tricks that can revive iPhone storage space, but most people, unfortunately, don't know about? If you're an awesome iPhone hacker, feel free to leave a comment and we are happy to hear from you.

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