In a recent statement, Apple has officially acknowledged that it is technically slowing down some old iPhones (including iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7). Even though Apple said this restraint on your iPhone performance is designed for smoothing the way of old batteries charging, still restraint on performance means your iPhone is doing slow.

Don't be panic if you have an old iPhone too and there is no reason to buy a new iPhone 11 blindly. Before taking any further decisions, follow this tutorial to give a check if Apple has slowed down your iPhone (How To Fix iPhone/iTunes Restore Errors).

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How To Check If Apple Is Slowing Your iPhone 6/6s

How To Check If Apple Is Slowing Your iPhone 6/6s

Step 1: Check Your iPhone Model/iOS Version

First up, this catastrophe happened on about a year ago, when Apple issued iOS 10.2.1 (Learn How To Downgrade iPhone 6s To iOS 10.2.0) to improves power management during peak workloads to avoid unexpected shutdowns on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE. For newer iPhones like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, Apple also extended the same method in iOS 13. In short, you're lucky if you don't have an iPhone with these models.

Step 2: Check Your iPhone Battery Health

Apple is only limiting processor performance on phones with lithiumion batteries that have started losing their capacity. After around a thousand charges, lithium-ion batteries stop performing properly, and can retain as little as 50-60% of the original charge (See Why My iPhone Got So Hot).

That's why older phones tend to have much worse battery life compared to newer devices. If you use your phone particularly heavily, or don't follow best practices for preserving your battery's life, you can see performance drop-offs within a year of buying a new phone (Why iPhone 6/7/8/X Battery Draining Fast).

Step 3: Check Your iPhone Benchmarks

For the ultimate answer, you can test your processor's performance (How To Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac). Geekbench has a blog post with a bunch of data from iPhones that have been slowed. The big spike on the graph is where a new iPhone's scores should be; anything significantly lower indicates that your processor may well be throttled (iMessage and FaceTime Waiting for Activation).

The Bottom Line

Have you found out if Apple is slowing down your iPhone? Apple has dropped price of iPhone battery, you can take the advantage to renew yours (How To Import Photos from iPhone to Mac). At last, if you are in need of iPhone data recovery solution, give a try with this professional iPhone Data Recovery utility named Omni Recover.

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