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An iOS software update and restore is much needed for every iOS device as Apple keeps pushing new features and bug-fixes with the latest version of software. But as an iPhone/iTunes Update, Sync, Backup or Restore process relies many components to work together, it's not that easy to troubleshoot an iPhone/iTunes error without the assistances from an expert team or software utility. Browse all common iTunes errors and get your iPhone Problems fixed soon.

Apple Server Errors

Both an iOS device update and restore with iTunes requires downloading specific firmware from Apple Server. So make sure that your iPhone, iPad or iPod can communicate with Apple servers during the Update/Restore/Sync/Backup processes. Here are all the common iPhone/iTunes Errors that may be caused from Apple Servers' end.

Common iPhone/iTunes Errors Caused by Apple Server

General Fixes for Apple Server Errors

To solve this kind of iPhone/iTunes Error, you can give a try to troubleshoot all components that works with Apple Server. Use this following method to find a fix.

  1. Solution 1

    If you see iPhone/iTunes error 1671, it means your computer is downloading necessary iOS update software. Wait for the download to finish, then try again to restore or update your iPhone via iTunes.

  2. Solution 2

    Make sure that your computer can communicate with the Apple software-update servers. Also give a check on Apple Server status to see if it is experiencing a downtime.

  3. Solution 3

    Check your computer firewall system and third-party security software to see if there's anything is preventing iTunes to get access to Apple Server.

  4. Solution 4

    If you see iPhone/iTunes Error 4037, your computer is unable to update your device because it's passcode locked and the device wasn't unlocked for the update or restore. Unlock your device and try again.

Security Software Errors

As iTunes is not a native program on Windows PC, sometimes a third-party security software may prevent iTunes working properly. When a security software misjudges iTunes behaviors is hazardous or threatening, it may take an overreaction and kill iTunes threads from background. Check iPhone/iTunes Error Codes that were possibly caused by third-party security software.

Common iPhone/iTunes Errors by Security Software

General Fixes for Security Software Errors

If your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device disconnects during the update or restore with iTunes, or if your computer couldn't tell your device to restore and show you an iPhone/iTunes Error Coded as The iPhone [device name] could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (9 / 4005 / 4013 / 4014). Follow steps below to have a fix.

  1. Solution 1

    Make sure that your Windows PC or Mac computer has the latest version of Windows/macOS or the latest version of iTunes.

  2. Solution 2

    Force your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device to restart > Also give a try to connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.

  3. Solution 3

    Try again to update/restore your iPhone with iTunes > When you see the option to update or restore, click Update - not Restore - to reinstall the software and keep your personal data.

USB Connection Errors

An average iPhone/iTunes backup, restore or update requires stable USB connection between an iPhone and computer. As Apple pushed strong authentication method to verify the reliability of a third-party USB cable, sometimes an iPhone/iTunes error may occur due the invalid USB cable. Check iPhone/iTunes Error Codes below to learn if your problems were causes by USB connection.

Common iPhone/iTunes Errors by USB Connection

General Fixes for USB Connection Errors

Actually there is rarely a software fix if this iPhone/iTunes Error was caused by USB connection. The simplest troubleshooting tips are to use another Lightning cable or find another computer to perform iPhone/iTunes update or restore.

  1. Solution 1

    Use the USB cable that came with your device (if it's still available). If you don't have it, try a different Apple USB cable from other people.

  2. Solution 2

    Switch to a different USB port on your computer. Don't plug into your keyboard > Switch to a USB port on a different computer.

Hardware Errors

An iPhone/iTunes backup, restore, sync and update process is also subjected to iOS device and computer hardware. Give a check on the following iPhone/iTunes Errors to confirm if your issues are caused by hardware malfunctioning.

Common iPhone/iTunes Errors by Hardware

General Fixes for Hardware Errors

Both the malfunctioning of an Apple device and computer hardware may cause the interruptions on an iPhone/iTunes restore, backup, sync or update process, Give a check on the following solutions to find a fix.

  1. Solution 1

    If iTunes is already open, quit and reopen it > Check your third-party security software.

  2. Solution 2

    Make sure that your USB cable, computer, and network are reliable. Then try twice more to restore your device.

  3. Solution 3

    If you see an iPhone/iTunes error 1015 or a message that "the required resource can't be found," your device might have unauthorized software modifications (jailbreaking). Or you might be trying to install an earlier version of iOS (downgrading).

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