😺 How To Fix Facebook Messenger
Crashing on iOS 14 Problems

SCENARIO: In the past weeks, lots of users reported that their Facebook Messenger crashed immediately after updating to iOS 14. And couple days later, Facebook issued an official statement on this iOS 14 Facebook Messenger Crashing problem.

"On Friday September 22, 2017, some people reported having trouble accessing Messenger. We quickly investigated, and we have released an update. If you continue to experience problems please look in the App Store for version 135.1 and uninstall/reinstall the app. We are very sorry for any inconvenience."

DIAGNOSIS & FIXES: For some people, deleting and reinstalling Facebook Messenger seem to solve the problem. Others, however, say they can't actually re-download the app (Learn How To Fix iOS 14 App Store Not Working Problems), and still others said that a re-install fixed the issue for several days, but the crashing returned. So follow suggestions below to fix your Facebook Messenger crashing problem.

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General Tips for Facebook Messenger Crashing Problems

  1. Update Facebook Messenger to the latest version (V135.1; Updated: Sep 23, 2017)
  2. Reboot iPhone.
  3. Uninstall Facebook Messenger and reinstall.
How To Fix Facebook Messenger Crashing on iOS 14

How To Fix Facebook Messenger Crashing on iOS 14

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