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How to get started?

In this article, we help you to learn How To Easily Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac Mojave by using our best Mac App Uninstaller software - Omni Remover 2. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version here before continuing.

Background Knowledge

What is Tor Browser? Tor Browser is free software for enabling anonymous web browsing and online communication. The name is derived from an acronym for the original software project name "The Onion Router". Tor Browser directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network consisting of more than seven thousand relays to conceal a user's location. Using Tor Browser makes it more difficult to trace Internet activity to the user (learn How To Uninstall Chrome on Mac).

Why you may consider uninstalling Tor Browser on your Mac? Like all current low-latency anonymity networks, Tor cannot and does not attempt to protect against monitoring of traffic at the boundaries of the Tor network. And this gives several weaknesses to Tor Browser, like Traffic-analysis attack, Tor exit node block, Bad apple attack, etc. Anyway, if you're no more a fan of Tor, follow this quick article to learn how to safely uninstall Tor Browser on Mac.

Part 1: How To Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac Manually

With a set of advanced technologies, Tor Browser brings everything you need to safely browse the Internet. While Tor Browser also makes it easy to get removed from your Mac. Follow steps below to learn how to clean uninstall Tor Browser on Mac manually.

  • Step 1: To uninstall Tor Browser on your Mac, open Finder > Applications > Tor Browser:
  • How To Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac Manually
  • Step 2: After moving the Tor Browser file to Trash, many Tor Browser related document cache data, app web browser settings, and other 'Hidden' Tor Browser component files still exist. To get rid of all these Tor Browser leftovers, you need to move further: Open Finder > in Menu, click Go > enter ~/Library/.
  • Step 3: You may see a lot of system folders here. Now search and find Tor Browser leftover files by checking each folder. They are possibly stored in the following folders: Application Support | Caches | Containers | Frameworks | Logs | Preferences | Saved | Application State | WebKit
  • Step 4: Drag the files associated with Tor Browser to Trash > Empty Trash and restart your Mac to finish the removal of Tor Browser.

Part 2: Completely Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac

Tor Browser will block browser plugins such as Flash, RealPlayer, Quicktime, and others. So you'll save the trouble from removing Tor Browser related plugins and extensions. Move on to learn how to uninstall Tor Browser on your Mac with 1-Click gesture (You'll need an expert Mac App Uninstaller software named Omni Remover). Here are the detailed Opera uninstalling steps.

  1. 1
    Step 1:

    Click here to download Omni Remover 2 (Ready for macOS Mojave) > Install and Open Omni Remover 2 on your Mac.

    How To Completely Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac Step 1
  2. 2
    Step 2:

    In Omni Remover 2 > App Uninstall > Click Tor Browser > Clean Uninstall.

    How To Completely Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac Step 2
  3. 3
    Step 3:

    Then Omni Remover 2 will start scanning all Tor Browser related data/files > After it finished scanning, click Clean Uninstall to start uninstall Tor Browser from your Mac.

    How To Completely Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac Step 3

The Bottom Line

Now can you remove Tor Browser on your Mac with our suggestions above? If you have any Tor Browser removal questions or issues, feel free to let us know and we are happy to help. Apart from the powerful and efficient Mac app uninstalling ability, Omni Remover 2 is also capable of cleaning up Sketch/Xcode cache junks and reclaim more free storage on your Mac in 1-Click. Free Download now to have a try.

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