Common iPhone 7/7 Plus Touch Screen Not Working Problems and Best Fixes

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Summary: [iPhone 7 Screen Problems] iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen not working properly and unable to unlock? iPhone 7 Touch Screen not responding? Check our complete guide for iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Problems and Best Fixes. Get Fix My iPhone Free >

An iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus is definitely a dinosaur device and it seems pretty reasonable when it gets stuck, and won't respond to your taps, clicks and swipes. As a matter of fact, the touch screen not working properly issue is one of the most Common iPhone 7 Problems we have received from customers feedbacks. So in this particular iPhone 7/7 Plus Touch Screen not working tutorial, we will list our tips that should fix the situation, including our advice on the issue of Touch Disease and reports that iPhones using third party screens are affected by iOS software updates.

Common iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Not Working Problems
Common iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Not Working Problems

iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Hardware Specs:
Specs Details Common Issues
iPhone 7 Display
  • Retina HD display with 3D Touch
  • 4.7-inch widescreen LCD Multi-Touch display with IPS
  • 1334-by-750-pixel resolution at 326 ppi
  • Display Zooms
  • Touch Screen Issue
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    Most Common iPhone 7/7 Plus Problems and Fixes

    Part 1: How To Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Not Working Issue

    iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Not Working Scenarios (True Case): "Hi. I have iPhone 7 Plus but with weird touch screen problem. After screen replacement, this iPhone 7 Plus touch screen is not working as expected. But when I disconnect home button flex, it works normally. Have tried with other button and other original LCD, and even made a factory reset (How To Fix iPhone X Error 4013). One more thing. When home button is disconnected, iPhone 7 Plus does not enable assistive touch so I cannot activate iPhone and therefore can't be used. Does anyone knows what could be wrong? Please help. Thanks~"

    Common Reasons That May Cause iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Not Working (Diagnosis): In most cases, it's quite easy to fix an iPhone 7/7 Plus touch screen not working issue, and in this tutorial we list a couple of simple steps you should try. Note that this article is about iPhone 7/7 Plus unresponsive displays and iPhone 7 Frozen Screen issue. If your iPhone 7/7 Plus display screens are physically broken or shattered, we recommend to take a trip to Apple Store for an official fix (How To Fix iPhone 6/7/8 Battery Draining Fast All of a Sudden).

    How To Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Not Working Problem (Solutions):

    • Fix 1 - Quit/Delete freezing apps: If the iPhone 7/7 Plus touch screen not working only when using one specific app, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
    • Fix 2 - Keep your finger clean and dry: Wet, moisture or dirt finger touches and anything that could be stopping the iPhone 7/7 Plus touch screen registering correct command.
    • Fix 3 - Adjust 3D Touch sensitivity settings: To check the 3D Touch sensitivity settings: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch and adjust the sensitivity slider.
    • Fix 4 - Force restart iPhone 7/7 Plus: Hold down the circular Home button and the On/Off (Sleep/Wake) button at the same time for around 10 seconds. This will restart your iPhone 7/7 Plus and should restore the unresponsive screen back to normal.
    • Fix 5 - Update iPhone 7/7 Plus: Update your iPhone 7/7 Plus to the newest iOS version and avoid using the beta release of iOS software.

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    The Bottom Line

    Now can you fix your iPhone 7/7 Plus Screen Problems with our troubleshooting tips above? If you still have further iPhone 7 Screen not working or similar issues, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help (How To Recover Permanently Deleted Notes On iPhone 12). In addition, we will keep updating our iPhone 7 Screen Not Working Problems list so that to cover all upcoming software/hardware glitches on your Apple devices.

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