[Boost iPhone Volume] 3 Easy Ways To Make iPhone 12 Speaker Louder

Author Jessie Dejesus By Jessie Dejesus, on January 5, 2021, in iPhone 12 Knowledge Base

Summary: [How To Make iPhone 12 Sound Louder] Find your iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro speaker is weak and need a way to boost your iPhone volume? This article shows you how to make iPhone 12/11 Pro Sound louder.
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iPhone SE Update

Article Update for iPhone SE: Apple's most affordable phone, the iPhone SE, is officially available this April. We have updated this tutorial article to make it corresponding with iPhone SE (2020) device. Below are a set of instructions for How To Make iPhone 12 Speaker Louder that works perfectly for iPhone SE.

Apple brings stereo speakers since iPhone 7 and it appears there is no breakthrough improvement since then. The iPhone 12 speakers has solid audio outcome quality and well balanced equalizer. Our tests confirmed Apple is using a proper loudspeaker for the earpiece which makes iPhone 12/11 Pro sound as loud as other flagship smartphones (How To Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone). If you still feel your iPhone is so quiet, then read this article to learn how to easily boost iPhone volume and make iPhone 12/11 Pro speakers loud.

How To Make iPhone 12/11 Pro Speaker Louder
How To Make iPhone 12/11 Pro Speaker Louder

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Part 1: 3 Ways To Make iPhone 12/11 Pro Speaker Louder

From series 7, most iPhone models have fairly loud volume and are certainly good enough for most everyday situations. But if you are hosting a mini party and have no expert speakers, the latest iPhone 12/11 Pro may save you from certain embarrassment ( How To Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer for Free). We collected a set of ninja tricks from our community and we'd like to share these simple yet magic iPhone volume boosting methods that can make an iPhone speaker louder.

How-To Steps To Make iPhone 12/11 Pro Speaker Louder:
  1. 1
    Method 1 - Change iPhone's EQ settings:

    EQ is a way of boosting or cutting the various audio frequencies. Usually Apple has put them all at the right levels but in certain circumstances, you can make your iPhone speakers louder by choosing the "Late Night" option. To do so: Open Settings app > Music > EQ > Late Night.

    How To Make iPhone 12/11 Pro Speaker Louder - Way 1
    How To Change iPhone's EQ settings
  2. 2
    Method 2 - Turn Off iPhone's Volume Limiter:

    The Volume Limit option in iOS 13 is for the max volume control on your iPhone 12's speakers. It has chance that you have enabled this option but forget to turn it off. To do so: Open Settings > Music > Volume Limit > Make sure it has been turned off.

    How To Make iPhone 12/11 Pro Speaker Louder - Way 2
    Turn Off iPhone's Volume Limiter
  3. 3
    Method 3 - Use Physical Helper

    A simple but magic iPhone volume booster tweak like turning the phone upside down or placing it in a bowl so the sound can reflect upwards can help make an iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro speakers louder.

    How To Make iPhone 12/11 Pro Speaker Louder - Way 3
    Use Physical Helper To Make iPhone 12 Louder

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The Bottom Line

Still not good enough and want to make your iPhone 12/11 Pro speakers louder? Consider connecting your iPhone to a Bluetooth speaker. Or if you have any ninja tips on iPhone 12/11 Pro, feel free to contact to us and we are all ears.

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