Adobe Photoshop Camera

Introduce Adobe Photoshop Camera, a free app with tons of elaborate capture, filters, lenses.

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Adobe Photoshop Camera - A free app with tons of smart filters

Designed and introduced by Adobe, Photoshop Camera is a free iOS/Android camera app that's with a bunch of very smart filters that can change your face and the world around you. With several elaborate video effects, Adobe Photoshop Camera allows to show off your unique style with tons of Insta-worthy lenses and filters inspired by your favorite artists and influencers.

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Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera Highlights

FUN WITH FILTERS: Apply Photoshop filters and effects with just one tap. With over 80 custom filters, it’s easy to swap them in and out and save your favorites to use again and again.

REAL-TIME PHOTOSHOP EFFECTS: Take a better picture with the magic of Photoshop and AI-powered editing.

PORTRAIT CONTROLS: The Face Light feature in Photoshop Camera optimizes for lighting, eliminating the appearance of any sharp shadows.

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Adobe Photoshop Camera

Why We Like Adobe Photoshop Camera

Neat Interface

Elaborate Filters

Social Influencer Inspired

AI-powered Features

Specs of Adobe Photoshop Camera


Android / iOS




Camera App

Updated on

12 June, 2020


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Is Adobe Photoshop Camera free for personal and commercial use? - Yes. Adobe Photoshop Camera is now completely Free for both commercial download or personal use.

Does Adobe Photoshop Camera Support Group Selfies? - Yes. For group selfies, Photoshop Camera recognizes where each subject is positioned so there's no more distortion. And the Bokeh feature makes it easy to quickly apply blurring effects.

What's the disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop Camera? - Every app is built for particular purpose. So does this free iOS/Android camera app. Also Adobe Photoshop Camera is not like Tiktok, you cannot use it to get or join new trends.

Will Adobe Photoshop Camera be always Free? - It depends. Have Safari installed on your Mac and want to uninstall Safari on Mac? Try Omni Remover >

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