Apple Piazza Liberty Is Opening In Milan This July 26th

For both Apple and designer fans, we will see a grand opening of Apple Piazza Liberty in Milan on this Thursday, July 26. Apple announced this event today and put together a collection of colorful pieces of art and photographs created by twenty Italian artists and designers on a new webpage on

As usual, Apple highlights the artists and the Apple products they used to create their creative works. We put a short list on these product designers we enjoyed, like Mecna / Corrado Grilli (MacBook Pro), Bianca Bagnarelli (iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Clip Studio Paint, procreate), Stefano (iPhone X, MacBook Pro), and more.

Every day in Milan, artists and designers reinvent the future. Twenty of them asked what they will do tomorrow, and here are their answers: a snapshot of the city's creative energy.

Apple Piazza Liberty hosts a variety of Today at Apple themes, which offer free daily art and design sessions, photography, coding and much more. You can participate and find inspiration for ‘what you want to do tomorrow’ in sessions like Live music, Live art, Photographic laboratory, The time of the boys and more.

According to MacRumors, in the U.S., another Apple retail location will be opening around the same time as the Milan store, says on Saturday, July 28 in Walnut Creek, California. This relocated Apple store is taking the place of a former California Pizza Kitchen and will now be named Apple Broadway Plaza.

Apple Retail Store in Milan

The Bottom Line

It's glad to see the technology firm is willing to move close toward the design and the artist. And on the other side, we also noticed the huge impact on the design and creative domain which is relying on the new technologies much more than before. For further reading, visit


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