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How to get started?

In this article, we help you to learn How To Completely Uninstall iGetter Downloader on Mac Mojave by using our best Mac App Uninstaller software - Omni Remover 2. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version here before continuing.

Background Knowledge

What is iGetter? iGetter is a free and wildly used downloaded manager for Mac OS X. Even though iGetter is old-fashioned looking, it is actually quite up-to-date and it’s compatible with most current versions of macOS and Internet browsers. iGetter is equipped with all standard and advanced online file downloader features like resuming downloads, queuing and it advertises an "accelerator" of some sort (Learn How To Completely Uninstall VirtualBox on Mac).

Why you may consider uninstalling iGetter on your Mac? If you are looking for a modern and good looking Mac Downloader program, then many functional and free iGetter alternatives are available. Some good choices include 4K Downloader, Speed Download and Leech. If you want a better Mac Downloader program on your Mac, then follow this quick article to learn how to uninstall iGetter on Mac (How To Clean Uninstall MacTubes on Mac).

Part 1: How To Uninstall iGetter on Mac Manually

Like other common Mac applications, iGetter is easy for installing and uninstalling. You can simply drag iGetter icon to Trash and that's done. However, by doing so, you'll leave many iGetter associated junks on your Mac. Follow steps below to learn how to clean uninstall iGetter on Mac.

  • Step 1: To uninstall iGetter on your Mac, Open Finder > Applications > iGetter > Drag iGetter application file to Trash:
  • How To Uninstall iGetter on Mac Manually
  • Step 2: Move on to get rid of iGetter related Mac downloader presetings, user profiles, and other 'Hidden' iGetter component files. To remove and clean up all these iGetter residual files, you need to move further: Open Finder > in Menu, click Go > enter ~/Library/.
  • Step 3: Now search iGetter leftover junk by checking each folder. They are possibly stored in the following folders: Application Support | Caches | Containers | Frameworks | Logs | Preferences | Saved | Application State | WebKit
  • Step 4: Drag the files associated with iGetter to Trash > Empty Trash and restart your Mac to finish the uninstalling of iGetter.

Part 2: How To Completely Uninstall iGetter on Mac

To uninstall iGetter completely and quickly on your Mac, you can choose Omni Remover as your best Mac App Uninstaller software that can remove iGetter Mac Downloader and other stubborn applications on your Mac with 1-Click. Follow steps below to learn how to clean uninstall iGetter on Mac with Omni Remover.

  1. 1
    Step 1:

    Click here to download Omni Remover 2 (Ready for macOS Mojave) > Install and Open Omni Remover 2 on your Mac.

    How To Completely Uninstall iGetter on Mac Step 1
  2. 2
    Step 2:

    In Omni Remover 2 > App Uninstall > Click iGetter > Clean Uninstall.

    How To Completely Uninstall iGetter on Mac Step 2
  3. 3
    Step 3:

    Then Omni Remover 2 will start scanning all iGetter related data/files > After it finished scanning, click Clean Uninstall to start uninstall iGetter from your Mac.

    How To Completely Uninstall iGetter on Mac Step 3

The Bottom Line

Can you get rid of iGetter on your Mac with our suggestions above? If you have any iGetter removal problems and questions, feel free to join in comments and we are happy to help. One more thing, Omni Remover 2 can also free up more space on macOS Mojave with just one click, clean up Sketch/Xcode cache junks and manage extentions at one go. Free Download now to have a try.

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