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Best iPhone App Transfer Software

SyncBird is your best iPhone App Transfer software that makes it super easy to transfer and backup your apps from iPhone to your computer. Transfer App to and from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch even iTunes can no longer to.

Best iPhone App Transfer Software
Flash Sync

Optimized for Flash/SSD storage and with instant Add-to-iPhone feature, SyncBird offers 2x iPhone App transfer speed.

4K Support

A10 chip and M10 give monster performance on 4K video. SyncBird puts 4K movies on your iPhone, iPad in one go.

Audio Conversion

Whatever audio format you need, SyncBird helps trans-code your music to make them suit best on Apple devices.

Two-way Sync

Transfer app, music and probably all your content, to/from your iPhone and iPod. Free your devices from iTunes limits.

Unlimited Import

Add apps and games to your iPhone and iPad from multiple iTunes libraries on different computers. No iTunes involed.


The most straight way to restore apps to your iPhone is by dragging and dropping. Use your iPhone like Finder.

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How SyncBird Works

If you used to use iTunes feature to download, manage and synchronize apps for iOS, now it's time to get used to the new iTunes 12.7, which comes with the removal of App Store. So to transfer your iPhone apps, you can try SyncBird. And iPhone App Transfer process would be as easy as 1-2-3.

iPhone App Transfer Software


Step 1: Connect iPhone to Computer

Similar with iTunes (Find Best iTunes Alternative for iPhone ), SyncBird will ask you to connect your iPhone (iPad or iPod touch) to your computer before start transferring your apps. Then, in SyncBird, click [Your iPhone's Name] on the left side > Choose App tab. If you didn't see app tab, scroll down to find it.


Step 2: Browse Your Apps on iPhone

After entering SyncBird's App panel, find the apps you'd like to transfer. For iOS version earlier than 8.3, SyncBird gives you five iPhone App Management solutions. They are Add Apps to an iPhone, Delete iPhone Apps, Transfer App and Documents from iPhone to iTunes, from iPhone to Computer and from one iPhone to another.

Free iPhone App Transfer Software

Free iPhone App Transfer Software


Try Extra PhoneCare & TunesClean Features

As you may know, the new iTunes 12.7 removed App Store and leave your app files orphaned on your computer. If you don't want these giant files wasting your hard drive storage, then SyncBird's exclusive TunesClean feature can help us. Click to learn how TunesClean works >

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iPhone App Transfer Software

SyncBird (Free)

SyncBird is a free and powerful iPhone App Transfer software that comes to give you better Apple device management experience. Transfer app, documents, app files, videos and everything between your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac without iTunes.

Support Transfer iPhone App + All Kinds of iOS Data

Solid Performance on Moving Your iPhone App without iTunes.

Rebuild Your Corrupted iTunes Library from iPhone.

Keep Updating with Latest iOS 11, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus.