What Happens When You Reset an iPhone

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Q: If I reset my iPhone will I lose my contact number?

I found the Reset option on my iPhone 6s and I thought it may help troubleshoot my iPhone 6s bluetooth problem. But what happens when I reset my iPhone 6s? Will I lose my phone numbers and other thing on my iPhone?

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What happens when you reset an iPhone? If I reset my iPhone will I lose everything on it? The quick answer is, YES. The purpose of resetting an iPhone is to return it to factory settings so as to Erase All Content and Settings on iPhone. Apple offers several iPhone Resetting options but not every one of them will completely erase data and content on your iPhone. Follow this article to learn what exactly happens when you reset your iPhone (If I Reset My iPhone Will I Lose My Photos, Contacts and Everything).

What Does Mean of These iPhone Reset Options

Reset All Settings: The Reset All Settings option, by its name, means all the saved data in your iPhone’s Settings app will be erased and set to factory defaults. Everything from your Wi-Fi passwords to your wallpaper will be reset on your iPhone.

What Does Reset All Settings Mean
Reset All Settings

Erase All Content and Settings: It's an option that will thoroughly erase everything on your iPhone. Apart from all settings data in Settings app, it will delete all your iPhone photos, music, videos, emails and even your apps. It will reset your iPhone back to its manufacturer state.

What Does Erase All Content and Settings Mean
Erase All Content and Settings

Reset Network Settings: The Reset Network Settings option is for reset all of its Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN (virtual private network), Cellular settings. It's a handy helper to troubleshoot your iPhone Wifi Problems.

Reset Network Settings
Reset Network Settings

Reset Keyboard Dictionary: Reset Keyboard Dictionary is for wiping out all of the custom words or phrases you've typed and saved on your keyboard. It's a pretty useful trick if your iPhone keyboard are cluttered by outdated texting abbreviations or the nicknames (How To Clear Firefox Caches on an iPhone).

Reset Keyboard Dictionary
Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Reset Home Screen Layout: Reset Home Screen Layout can put all of your apps back into their default places. So, if you dragged apps to a different part of the screen (Learn How Can I Uninstall Apps on iPhone 8), they'll be removed to the place they were in when you first took your iPhone out of the box.

Reset Home Screen Layout
Reset Home Screen Layout

Reset Location and Privacy: Reset Location and Privacy will put the location and privacy settings on your iPhone back to these factory states. Then apps won't be able to use your location information until you allow them to do so.

Reset Location and Privacy
Reset Location and Privacy

The Bottom Line

So do you have clear picture about what happens when you reset your iPhone? If you still have problems, feel free to leave a message in comment box. One more thing, no matter iPhone 7 Stuck On Apple Logo, or your iPhone 6 WiFi Not Working, Fix My iPhone can help you out on 1-Click basis. Free Download To Have A Try >

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