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Omni Recover is world leading iPhone Contacts Recovery software that's always the best rescue plan for retrieving your deleted iPhone contacts.

iPhone Contacts Recovery Software
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Follow 1-2-3 quick wizard to retrieve your deleted iPhone Contacts.

Multiple Retrieval Channel

Retrieve deleted iPhone Contacts from iPhone, iCloud and iTunes backup.

1:1 iPhone Photo Recovery

Export your deleted iPhone Contacts in original resolution.

Clean Code & Design

Safe to recover deleted iPhone Contacts and delightful to keep it on your computer.

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We provided fast and friendly support helping you find iPhone Contacts back.

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Enjoy lifetime upgrade that covers major and minor new features.

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Want get your deleted iPhone Contacts back? Omni Recover has you covered!

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How Omni Recover Works

Your lost iPhone Contacts may be crutial to you. So let Omni Recover give you the most complete iPhone Contacts Recovery Solution: Multi-Layered Recovery.

iPhone Contacts Recovery


Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

Apple presents its products with stunning designs and interfaces. But rare people know about how does it work inside. In regard of Contacts information on our iPhone, to keep the iOS file system simple and running smoothly, we do not have direct access to inner iOS system level no matter however we fiddle with on iPhone screen.

In other word, when we deleted a contact by mistake, the 'original' data still saved on our iPhone but we just cannot see it. This is how Omni Recover works. To retrieve your deleted contacts on your iPhone, Omni Recover scans these missing menifest info, renovates them with professional fixes and makes them viewable again on your iPhone.


Recover iPhone Contacts from iTunes Backup

If the 'Sync Contacts' option is checked in iTunes, then iTunes will backup your contacts from an iPhone by default. But it's easy to cause misunderstandings that by performing restoration from an iTunes backup, you'll be able to recover your deleted iPhone contacts. Not likely unless you use Omni Recover to explore iTunes backup files, so as to find and fix deleted/corrupted contact data.

iPhone Contacts Recovery

iPhone Contacts Recovery


Recover iPhone Contacts from iCloud Backup

Except your account passwords, Wi-Fi settings, browsing history, and data from the Health app, iCloud backup almost covers all contents on your iPhone (Learn What does iCloud Backup), including your Contacts. Omni Recover can access both your iCloud Contacts and iCloud backup to get your deleted iPhone contacts.

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iPhone Contacts Recovery

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iPhone Contacts Recovery

Omni Recover

By way of practice since 2013, Omni Recover is based on huge - and growing - table of iPhone data recovery algorithms, which ensures the best possible chance to get your lost iOS data back.

Support Recover iPhone Contacts + Up to 20 Kind of iOS Data

Solid performance of retrieving your deleted iPhone Contacts.

Find your lost iPhone Contacts with Multi-layered method.

Keep Updating with Latest iOS 11, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus.