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Omni Recover is world leading WhatsApp Recovery software that always delivers the best Message, Photo and Chats retrieval results.

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Retrieve WhatsApp messages from iPhone, iCloud and iTunes backup.

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Export your WhatsApp messages and files in multiple format.

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Safe to recover lost WhatsApp data and delightful to keep it on your computer.


As you can see in the source code, we provided a comprehensive documentation.

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How Omni Recover Works

Your missing WhatsApp data matters. So let Omni Recover give you the most complete WhatsApp Recovery Solution: Multi-Layered Recovery.

WhatsApp Recovery


Recover WhatsApp Data from Device

For WhatsApp 2.16.2 and lower versions, Omni Recover analyzes the database on your device first, finds the corrupted/deleted data that save your WhatsApp info, and renovates these data so that you can view your deleted WhatsApp messages, chats and photos again.

In 2.16.2 and later versions, WhatsApp adopts encrypted messages that recovery software is unable to obtain. So move on to session 2 and 3 to see how Omni Recover retrieves your deleted WhatsApp data from iTunes/iCloud backup.


Recover WhatsApp Data from iTunes Backup

Don't get it wrong that by restoring your iPhone from iTunes backup can retrieve your lost WhatsApp data. In most cases, you can only find some archived backup data for your WhatsApp messages (Learn What's The Best iPhone / iTunes Backup Extractor Software 2018). Omni Recover will locate your iTunes backup files, reestablish complete database for iOS, and then retrieve your deleted WhatsApp data even your iPhone is out of hand.

WhatsApp Recovery

WhatsApp Recovery


Recover WhatsApp Data from iCloud Backup

We understand iCloud is gradually substituting for traditional iTunes to manage and backup your device content. So we took efforts to advance Omni Recover with iCloud Backup extractor feature (Learn What's Does iCloud Backup Include). To retrieve deleted WhatsApp data from iCloud, simply log in your iCloud account > download iCloud backup > recover and extract all your WhatsApp messages, photos, and videos as you wish.

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Omni Recover

By way of practice since 2013, Omni Recover is based on huge - and growing - table of iPhone data recovery algorithms, which ensures the best possible chance to get your lost iOS data back.

Support Recover WhatsApp + Up to 20 Kind of iOS Data

Solid performance of retrieving your deleted WhatsApp messages.

Find your lost WhatsApp message with Multi-layered method.

Keep Updating with Latest iOS 11, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus.