Top 6 Malware Apps on Mac 2021 [Infographic]

Wondering if your Mac is secure? Here is a list of recent Mac malware attacks, viruses, and security threats that Mac have suffered in 2021.

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Top 6 Mac Malware App List 2021

TOP 6 Mac Apps that Contains Virus, Malware or Security Flaws

Used by 750,000 companies worldwide, Zoom was reported for three security bugs that allowed attackers to launch service attacks, keep local web server left even after uninstall, and allowed malicious third-party entity to remotely enable Mac user's microphone and camera. Despite venders have spent great efforts to produce a service that runs flawlessly and securely, software bugs and security threats still occur to Mac users.

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To keep your Mac running safe and fast, we recommend you read the official Mac Security Tips by Apple and choose reliable Mac antivirus apps for double insurance. But if you are simply curious to know what Mac viruses are out there so far in 2021, or if there are some potentially insecure applications on your Mac, here's a complete list for Top 6 Mac Apps That Contains Virus, Malware or Security Flaws, and we strongly recommend you to keep them away from your Mac.

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Full List Of Mac Malware 2021

OSX/MaMi (Malware)

OSX/MaMi firstly comes up in 2018 and laterly gets more popular in early 2021. It targets Mac users with social engineering methods such as malicious emails and website pop-ups.

OSX/CrescentCore (Malware)

CrescentCore was disguised as a DMG file of the Adobe Flash Player installer. Before running it would check to see if it inside a virtual machine and would looks for antivirus tools.

OSX/Dok (Malware)

Signed by Apple-authenticated developer, OSX/Dok intercepts all traffic (including SSL-TLS encrypted websites) moving between your computer and the internet to steal private information.

OSX/Linker (Malware)

OSX/Linker is a new malware app that came to light in May 2021. OSX/Linker exploited a zero-day vulnerability in Gatekeeper to install a series of malware.

Fruitfly (Malware)

Fruitfly malware has stolen millions of users' personal photos, contact data, tax records by capturing screenshots and webcam images on Macs.

LoudMiner (aka Bird Mine) (Malware)

LoudMiner was cryptocurrency miner malware that shipped by cracked Ableton Live installer. LoudMiner would attempt to use your Mac's processing power for cryptocurrency mining.

X-agent (Malware)

X-agent is a notorious malware capable of stealing your passwords and even accessing your iPhone / iTunes backups for taking screenshots of sensitive data.

OSX/NewTab (Malware)

NewTab malware attempts to add tabs to Safari and send unwanted ads by doing that. NewTab was also digitally signed with a registered Apple Developer ID.

NetWire (Malware)

Discovered by Intego, NetWire is "backdoor malware" with capabilites such as keystoke logging and screenshot taking. They also bypassed Gatekeeper. backdoor" malware.

KeRanger (Malware)

KeRanger is macOS malware that hacks system files and demands a ransom to decrypt them. It was bundled in with the torrent client Transmission version 2.90.

Zoom (Malware)

Zoom is a commonly used video calling app that contains security flaws in its previous version. Make sure you have updated to the current version for patching its bug.

Mac Auto Fixer (Malware)

Back in August 2018 Mac Auto Fixer caused some concern among Mac users as it started popping up on Macs. It isn't exactly malware, rather it's what we call a Potentially Unwanted Program.

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