[iOS 11] The Quickest Way To Get Photos Off an iPhone

I'm a big fan of iPhone camera but my iPhone unceasingly told me that your storage is running out. After having a check on iPhone Storage, I found it's Photos that is swallowing most of space (8.5GB exactly). So how can I get photos off my iPhone for saving as backup safely and remove photo from my iPhone afterward?

One interesting improvements in iOS 11 includes a way to drag and drop a photo from one album into another album. But to get photos off your iPhone, you need to rely on paid cloud services (like iCloud, Dropbox and Google Photos) or find free iPhone Photo Transfer software.

In this iPhone Photo Transfer tutorial, we'll show you how to get photos off your iPhone with SyncBird, a modern and free macOS app that comes to give your the quickest and easiest iPhone Photo Backup solution. Read on to save your iPhone photos.

Tutorial Summary:

Part 1: Why Use SyncBird to Offload Your iPhone Photos

To transfer photos from an iPhone to your computer , by default it is built in with Photos app for Mac and Windows 8 / 10. The reason you still need third party iPhone photos transfer is that, Photos app doesn't include the photos that were synced from computer by your iTunes. SyncBird is made to give you easy, quick and complete solution that helps get photos off your iPhone. Here is a brief comparison table for your reference.


  1. Complete - Covering All iPhone Photos in your Camera Roll, Photo Library (iTunes Synced Ones), Photo Stream (iCloud Stored Photos).
  2. Flexible - Transfer iPhone Photos to / from computer; Send Photos from one iPhone to Another, and more.
  3. Drag-n-drop - Easily Drop-n-drop Photos to / from your iPhone.
  4. Targeted - You Can Get Only The Photos with Huge File Size Off Your iPhone to Save Storage.

Default Photos App

  1. Instantly get photos off your iPhone
  2. Free and Automatically

Part 2: The Quickest Way to Get Photos Off Your iPhone

To get photos off your iPhone, download SyncBird first. This free iPhone Photo Transfer app works on macOS 10.8 and versions above. If you have the need ofcopying music from iPhone to your computer, SyncBird helps too. Follow steps below to get started.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer > Open SyncBird > Click Device > Photos tab on the left column:

How to Get Photos Off an iPhone

How to Get Photos Off an iPhone Step 1

Step 2: Choose one photo catagory from Camera Roll / Photo Stream / Photo Library.

How to Get Photos Off an iPhone

How to Get Photos Off an iPhone Step 2

Step 3: Select the photos that you want to get off from your iPhone > Click Send to Mac:

How to Get Photos Off an iPhone

How to Get Photos Off an iPhone Step 3

Step 4: After a while, SyncBird will save your photos from iPhone to your computer as backup. Have a check on its transferring result to ensure the items you selected has been sent.

How to Get Photos Off an iPhone

How to Get Photos Off an iPhone Step 4

The Bottom Line

By getting photos off your iPhone, you can create solid backup for your photo library and reclaim more free space for your device if you delete photos on it. This method also helps you reduce the time spent on iCloud backing up and restoring. As SyncBird is 100% free app for macOS (Windows version is coming soon), so get your free download here.