😺 Check Which of Your iPhone Apps
Won't Open in iOS 11

With iOS 10, we only get warned when opening the 32-bit apps, but have no problem with using them. In iOS 11 (beta), the app won't open at all. As currently more than 180,000 32-bit apps (8% of the total) still take place in the App Store, take a minute to check if your apps need alternatives.

How To Check If Your Apps Work for iOS 11

To check whether you currently have any 32-bit apps installed, go to Settings > General > About > Applications. If nothing happens when you tap Applications, you're good. But if you have any 32-bit apps, they will be shown on the next screen. It makes sense to check before upgrading to iOS 11, so that you have time to find replacements apps.

Check If Your Apps Work for iOS 11

Check If Your Apps Work for iOS 11

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