Apple has sent invitations the media to its October event in New York City on the 30 October. Following the launch the new iPhone XS models, the new event will be another major hardware event, which gives clues to the new Apple iPad Pro, Pencil 2 and MacBook Air (App Can't Be Opened Because Apple Cannot Check It for Malicious Software.).

What makes the latest event invitations to get a new level of speculation and excitement is because each one appears to have a completely different design for the Apple logo (What Is Other On Mac Storage). Alireza, an Apple Certified Associate, Senior Editor, Video Producer, found 370 completely different Apple Logos in total.

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The event could focus on updates to the iPad Pro, a new Apple Pencil 2, and possibly several Mac models including a refreshed version of the MacBook Air (Best Mac Cleaner 2020), and what some Apple hopefuls believe is a refreshed Mac Mini (How To Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac). We can take a look at these "creativity" redesigns on Apple logo and here are the ones we like.

#1 - Ink Splash

Splatters can be used in web and graphic design to create interesting effects that grab your attention. The beautiful ink effects in this Apple logo out-stands both in full color and grayscale (How To Uninstall Creative Cloud Mac).

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#2 - Paper Cut

With layers of magic paper, this new Apple logo design seems to have drawn some inspirations from Material Design. In essence, Google wants to keep the functionality of Material Design to maintain consistency across apps, but it also gives some guidelines on the visual elements, like colors, spacing, layouts, etc.

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#3 - Gold Plated

If you look at the actual colors of the alloy used on the redesigned Apple logo below, pure gold is basically a deep yellow (How To Uninstall Chrome Mac). Shifting a bit depending upon the impurities of the alloys, the Gold color is lighter for more silver/zinc content and darker for more copper content.

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