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Humaaans - Free Sketch Illustration Maker for People

If you want to give your designs a human touch, and be massively on trend at the same time, then some illustrated people are a must-have. However if you don't know how to draw people or can't afford to commission an illustrator to create bespoke designs, then you might have to resort to stock art, and you might not manage to find exactly the look you want.

Now, Humaaans is a great way to create beautiful illustrated people to use in your designs. By the work of Pablo Stanley, a designer at Invision, and with Humaaans you can quickly and easily build vector art illustrations, regardless of your artistic skills, or lack thereof. Best of all, it's free.

Humaaans - Free Sketch Illustration Maker for People

Humaaans Highlights

Humaaans is a library for Invision Studio, designed to help you create mix-and-match illustrations and animations of people.

Humaaans has a massive selection of fully posable bodies as well as clothing, hairstyles and backgrounds.

Everything can be scaled and rotated in order to create the perfect look.

Humaaans - Free Sketch Illustration Maker for People

Why We Like Humaaans Illustration Maker

Neat Interface

Creative Idea

No Need To Setup

Advanced People Editing

Specs of Humaaans


Sketch Ininstalled




Illustration Maker

Updated on

December 05, 2018


Free Download


Pablo Stanley





Humaaans Illustration Maker

Is Humaaans free for personal and commercial use? - Yes. Humaaans is now completely Free for both commercial download or personal use.

Should I download anyting to use Humaaans? - No. Since Humaaans is not an online/offline Illustration Maker tool, it doesn't require anything before downloading or using.

What's the disadvantages of Humaaans? - Every app is built for particular purpose. So does this free Illustration Maker library. As Humaaans currently is designed and maintained by a single hand, the design library is still on its fledgeling stage.

Will Humaaans be always Free? - It depends. Have Sketch installed on your Mac and want to clean up Sketch cache junk? Try Omni Remover >

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