Apple announced a new iOS 14 app named Shortcuts during WWDC 2018 in this June. Since then, Shortcuts becomes a hotly anticipated iOS 14 app that lets users create powerful macros built on the lattice of Workflow. Now, there's a new resource for shortcut fans - Sharecuts, a directory of shortcuts created and shared by the community.

What Is New in iOS 14 Update
Concept Design of Sharecuts

The concept design of Sharecuts looks quite attractive but don't get too excited. Since iOS 14 is still in beta itself, and the Shortcuts app can only be installed by invited developers, Sharecuts is also on its very fledgeling stage.

As you can see from the screenshot below, Sharecuts is currently only with the main structure, black-and-white page with cards for each shortcut. According to Guilherme Rambo, the creator/designer of Sharecuts, an update will bring a more colorful style (see concept design above) and features that will allow users to filter the shortcuts by tags, vote on favorites, among other things.

What Is New in iOS 14 Update
Concept Design of Sharecuts

I was talking to a friend [Patrick Balestra] about how cool shortcuts are, and how it should be easier for people to share and discover shortcuts. He mentioned he wanted to build a website for that – he even had the idea for the name Sharecuts – but he was on vacation without a good internet connection so I decided to just build it myself in one day.

Guilherme says in

The Bottom Line

If you already have the iOS 14 beta and Shortcuts app installed, you can try out some of the shortcuts featured on Sharecuts today. A couple of the interesting picks include the Siri News Reader which will read you headlines from an RSS feed, the Bitcoin Price checkers, and an always useful tip calculator. [via]

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