Phone Cleaner

-- Water & Dust Ejection for Android/iOS

Phone Cleaner is a simple, yet powerful website app made to clean and dry phone speaker after being in contact with water, dirt and dust. With ultra low 165Hz frequency sound wave, Phone Cleaner can effectively propels water out of the phone speaker system.

Android Phone Cleaner and Water Eject

Phone Cleaner - Eject Water and Dust from Phone Speaker

Most modern smartphones are splash, water, and dust resistant and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions. However, splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. It's even quite dangerous to charge a wet iPhone or Android phone.

That's why you'll need Phone Cleaner - a magic and smart trick that can eject water and just from iPhone or Android phone's speaker. With this genius trick, you can press a button and the phone plays a specific tone that helps generate sounds waves that eject all that water and dust from your phone.

How Phone Cleaner Works

Is Phone Cleaner a real app? - No. We prefer calling Phone Cleaner just a trick but it actually works. You can play any similar audio sound to achieve similar cleaning and drying effect on your phone.

If Phone Cleaner can really work, why don't you built an app for it? - Maybe we will. Our team just thought this trick may be useful for perticular users, so we created Phone Cleaner in only two hours. Sure we'll consider building a real app if it can have more phone speaker cleaning and drying advantages.

Where is this idea from? - Apple's Watch is built with this kind of water ejection feature. And many makers have brought about similar or better solutions. Our Phone Cleaner is NOT original creative.

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