SyncBird Overview

Welcome to SyncBird Online Tutorials. Firstly thank you for using SyncBird as this gives us the chance to make something meaningful and different. By making this desktop app, we hope you can find iPhone / iPad / iPod / iTunes solutions without wandering around messy and perplexed technical problems.

🎓 What Is SyncBird

SyncBird is a free and robust Apple device manager software that brings more iTunes alternative solutions to organize your iPhone, iPad and iPod content. In most cases, iTunes serves great for syncing media files and apps to your iPhones and iPads, creating backups, updating iOS software, etc. But chances are you'll get grounded by a variety of iTunes limits.

For instance, when you want to retrieve music and photos from an outdated iPhone 4s / iPhone 5, will iTunes help? No. iTunes sync is for one-way sync only. What if you want to add new songs to your iPhone or iPod from multiple computers? iTunes will overwrite existing songs on your device before importing new content.

That's why you should use SyncBird to bypass many kinds of iTunes limit and get better control for the content on your Apple devices. The story is not over. Among dozens of similar apps, SyncBird gives much more options to take care your device and solve most commonly met iTunes problems.


What Is SyncBird

🤔 Is It Safe to Use SyncBird

Yes. MiniCreo is a certificated macOS app developer and the backend coding of SyncBird follows strickly with Apple's development guideline. Most importantly, SyncBird has been featured on, MacUpdate, and many popular media sites, which guarantees the safety of using SyncBird.


⚙ Tech Specs

  • Supported iOS: iOS 11 beta 4 and all earlier iOS versions.
  • Supported iPhone Models: iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus and all earlier iPhone models.
  • Supported iPod Models: iPod touch 6 / iPod nano 7 and all earlier iPod models.
  • Supported iPad Models: iPod Pro / iPod Air / iPad mini 4 and all earlier iPad models.
  • Runs on macOS 10.8 and above versions.
  • Compatible with all version of iTunes including the latest iTunes

Have Questions? Get In Touch

Have questions or problems when using SyncBird? Feel free to get in touch with us by posting on MiniCreo Reddit community or sending email to our 7/24 Support team. We look forward to your feedbacks.