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🚀🚀🚀 Your iTunes

If you are one of who want to use iTunes just for listening to music, and not be in need of other features, take this 30 minutes tour to slim down your iTunes. Learn to save storage, hide unwanted features, eliminate unnecessary installations and more.

UPDATE: Check How Did Brad Reclaim 100GB Space from iTunes Library

Part 1 Minimalize Your iTunes to Make It for Music Only

1. Hide Other Media Libraries

At the top left of the iTunes window, you see the Media Picker menu. You can choose a type of media to view in iTunes from this menu. If you only want to use music, click the menu, choose Edit Menu, and uncheck all the other media kinds. Click Done.


Hide Other Media Libraries

2. Diable iTunes Store & Unwanted Services

You can hide the iTunes Store and Apple Music, freeing up the navigation bar at the top center of the iTunes window. To do this, choose iTunes > Preferences, and then click Restrictions. Check iTunes Store, and then click OK. You'll see that this also hides the Apple Music and Connect button.


Diable iTunes Store & Unwanted Services

3. Hide iCloud Music Library and Apple Music

When you turn off access to the iTunes Store, you also hide Apple Music, even though it is technically still turned on. You can turn off Apple Music and iCloud Music Library if you wish. You may want to use either or both of these features; in that case, skip this step. If you use iTunes Match, you need iCloud Music Library to be active.


Hide iCloud Music Library and Apple Music

4. Edit the Sidebar

You may also not want as many sidebar entries. By default, there are entries for Recently Added, Albums, Artists, Genres, etc. If you only use a couple of these, hover over the word Library and click Edit, you can remove or add the views you want to use.


Edit the Sidebar

✨ Meet Your Mininalized iTunes ✨

After making the above changes, here's what iTunes looks like (We've chosen to only keep the Recently Added, Albums, and Songs views)

Part 2 Clean Up iTunes Library

Whether your Mac is running slow, you're about to switch to new Macs or just look forward boosting macOS Sierra, here's how to clean up your iTunes library.

  • Remove unwanted songs according to poor ratings.
  • Try Syncing your iTunes library to iTunes Match.
  • Select Consolidate files to put media files into one place
  • Take the labor to edit missing metadata
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Clean Up iTunes Library

4 Effective Tips to Clean Up iTunes Library

Part 3 Wipe Duplicate Files in iTunes

For some reasons, iTunes keeps a good habit to create duplicate copies of our music files, by the exact same artist, from the exact same album. To wipe out these duplicates, follow: Open iTunes > Click File > Library > Show Duplicate Items > Select, Check and Remove duplicate songs.


Wipe Duplicate Files in iTunes

Part 4 Trim The Bloated iTunes Installation [Windows]

The standard iTunes installation on Windows PC requires 400MB hard drive storage, which is quite greedy if you are with limited system resources on your computer. Trimming the iTunes installation is one of the ways to achieve that.

  • Step 1: Download an archive utility to disassemble iTunes components.
  • Step 2: Use a software uninstaller to remove the unwanted components.
Trim iTunes Installations

Trim iTunes Installations to Keep Your iTunes Light and Fast

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