Part 5 Delete iTunes Extras to Free Up Space
On iTunes Library Drive

😘 Credit: The whole part of this iTunes tip is inspired by Brad Moon, a high-yield writer for many popular publications. Read the original article here and discuss with author.

πŸŽ“ What Is iTunes Extras

When you buy the HD version of a movie with iTunes Extras, you get special features along with your movie. The special features might include photo galleries, deleted scenes, exclusive interviews, or behind-the-scenes footage. Special features vary by different movie titles.


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πŸ€” Is It Safe to Remove iTunes Exrtas

No matter you bought a movie with iTunes Extras before or after July, 2014, as you can either download or stream the original extras content, your deletion of your iTunes Extras file won’t cause any severe consequences.


Safe to Remove iTunes Exrtas

😎 How To Locate iTunes Extras Files

Before Apple updated iTunes Extras on July, 2014, Apple included the iTunes Extras files in a separate file that was downloaded along with the movie itself. The old-style iTunes Extras were relabeled as iTunes Extras (Original) and stayed locked to iTunes Desktop. To locate it:


How To Locate iTunes Extras Files

✨ 100GB Saved By Brad, Yours? ✨

As some iTunes Extras files are larger than the corresponding HD movie file, Brad recently freed up 100GB from his iTunes drive with about five minutes of effort. Now it's your turn.


Reclaim 100GB Space From iTunes Extras On Brad's iTunes Library Drive

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