iBackup Extractor - Recover and Extract iOS Data from iPhone Backup [Review]

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Summary: [iBackup Extractor Review] For readers who want to have an iPhone Backup Browser software, you can have a look on iBackup Extractor Review article, which can help you make a great choice per your need.
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iBackup Extractor is a PC/Mac utility software that can extract and recover crucial iOS data from the iPhone/iTunes backups. One of the key features in iBackup Extractor is to explore and extract iOS data from your iPhone/iTunes backups to your Windows PC or Mac computer (Top 10 Best iPhone Backup Extractor Software). iBackup Extractor can also export messages and more from your iPhone backups to your computer in PDF document format.

iBackup Extractor Review and Download
iBackup Extractor Review and Download

Best iPhone Backup Extractor Tool

#1 Best iPhone Backup Extractor Software

Browse and Extract Photos, Messages, etc.

Ready for iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 13.4

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iPhone Backup Extractor

Top 10 Best iPhone Backup Extractor Software Review

What Is iBackup Extractor [Review and Tests]

By default, we use iTunes or iCloud to back up our iPhone. But the information in iPhone backup copy is inaccessible unless you perform restoration on this device. In order to browse and extract photos, messages, contacts, Safari histories and other important iOS data, you can use an iPhone Backup Extractor software to handle this task. While iBackup Extractor is the one in this kind.

You can use iBackup Extractor to access the otherwise inaccessible contents of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad backups. If you have multiple backups stored on your computer, simply select the backup you need in iBackup Extractor, browse for the items you need, and extract them with a click of a button.

iBackup Extractor Review and Download
iBackup Extractor Review and Free Download

The Good
  • Capable of extracting photos, messages, contacts and all iOS data
  • Extract iOS data from both iPhone/iTunes backup
  • Works on both Windows PC and Mac

The Bad

Consider Using An iBackup Extractor Alternative:

  • Create Solid and Flexible Backup for Your iPhone: iBackup Extractor works solely as backup browser software, which is unable to backup an iPhone. SyncBird Pro can do so with simple and stable procedure.
  • Perfectly Transfer Files Between iPhone & Mac: iBackup Extractor cannot transfer music, photos or other iOS between your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. SyncBird Pro helps transfer files between your iPhone and Mac.
  • Browse and extract all iPhone data from backup: View your messages, Contacts, Notes, Reminder, Safari history and bookmarks, VoiceMail and probably all important personal iPhone backup data just like on your iPhone.
  • Fix iPhone Backup Errors: SyncBird Pro is an unique iPhone Backup Explorer utility that can find all these corrupt iTunes backups, remove them from your computer so as you can get rid of all these iPhone backup errors.
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    The Bottom Line

    We use the trial version of iBackup Explorer, which have several advanced features locked down. But it doesn't affect our fondness upon iBackup Explorer. If you have valuable iOS data in your iPhone backup, and want to get them out without restoring your device, iBackup Explorer is definitely worth a try.

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    SyncBird Pro

    Requirements: OS X 10.8+ , 23.1Mb free space
    Version 3.0.4 (23 March, 2020) | Support macOS Catalina/Windows 10/8/7 | Category: iPhone Backup

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