What Is PhoneCare

PhoneCare is an exclusive feature built in with SyncBird. Believe it or not, a 64GB iPhone and 16GB iPhone are the same that someday their storage statuses will warning you that you're running out iPhone / iPad storage. With PhoneCare, you'll be able to find junk and unwanted iOS files and clean them up in one click.

🗑 Clean Junk File Types

  • App Crash Log - When an application crashes on an iOS device, the operating system creates a crash report or a crash log. The report is stored on the device.
  • Temp Downloads - Data that is used only temporarily was stored in the temp directory on your iPhone. These files are supposed to get deleted once they fulfill the temporarily calculation purpose.
  • iTunes Radio Caches - Although iTunes Radio is supposed to stream content instead of download them, iOS stores the iTunes Radio data locally anyway, which uses free space on your device.
  • Invalid Media Files - Due to interrupted or unfinished iTunes synchronization, some media files, like your music, photos, books, etc., were not imported to your device properly. In this case, you won't notice these orphaned items but they still take space on your device.
  • Photo Junks - When you edit a photo in iOS Photos app, it will create duplicated copies to prevent you from losing original picture. As your photo library grows, it's suggested to clean them up regularly.

🗜 Remove Large Files

  • Large Videos - Find large video files on your iPhone and iPad. Remove them if you don't want to watch them any more.
  • Large Photos - A 30 mins 4K video recording will eat up storage of a 32GB iPhone 7. So have a check if there are some giant photos / videos are swallowing your space.
  • Third Party App Stored Files - You may have used some third party software to upload files onto your iPhone. PhoneCare helps you locate them and clean up unwanted ones.

Have Questions? Get In Touch

Have questions or problems when using SyncBird? Feel free to get in touch with us by posting on MiniCreo Reddit community or sending email to our 7/24 Support team. We look forward to your feedbacks.