After kicking off its Halloween Sale two days ago, Valve today has released a major Steam update that brings a much needed Steam Library redesign to everyone. There's now a central hub with game news, friend activity, recent games and the Collections you create either by hand or with search criteria.

What's New

The first thing you'll probably notice is that Steam design team added a gorgeous new landing page for your library. The new library home gives you quick access to game updates, recently played games, friends activity and your collections.

New Landing Page

Obviously, the new design in Steam Library keeps the left-hand column for games, but rearranged practically everything else. Recently played games and game updates now get more prominence, as does the friends list (presumably to speed up multiplayer rumbles and the like).

Rearranged Elements

There's also a big new emphasis on keeping players pacing to the latest updates and in-game events. Given more explosion of live-service and indie games in recent years, a lot of titles hold limited-time events that can come and go without players noticing. The Steam library will now shows more control over these updates.

Steam VS Apple Arcade

As doughty rivals to Steam, Apple Arcade and Google Stadia look to offer vastly different experiences for different types of gamers. Both Apple and Google two tech giants have new gaming services on the way this fall, each with a decidedly different approach towards bringing quality titles to more people. And it for sure will seize certain market share from Steam.

Apple Arcade Elegant Design