On the earlier of this year, Opera released the developer version of the new Opera browser (v.59), codenamed R3 (Reborn 3). "Redefine the modern browser," the Opera team declared on its blog . After spending some time with Reborn 3, however, we find it extremely delightful to use even if it misses some basic features such as add-ons or advanced bookmarks (How To Uninstall Opera Mac).

The big three changes in this release are support for blockchain-secured transactions, a crypto wallet to go with the mobile version, and a new overall look with light and dark themes available. So if you haven't checked out Opera lately, it's worth revisiting, especially for those older Opera fans still smarting about the switch from Opera's Presto rendering engine to Google's Blink rendering engine (How To Clean Uninstall Google Chrome Mac).

Any visual redesign is likely to anger at least some existing users and Opera 60 is no exception, judging by the Opera forums. But, to my eye the new look is really nice. It's clean, well-thought-out of feature placement, and does a good job of staying out of the way of the actual webpage. Today, we can discuss how the upgrades to the design of the browser interface that can enhance the user's browsing experience.

Put Web Content at Center Stage with Frame

The new look follows the general trend that's enchanted browser makers for years now-reducing the user interface in the name of better displaying the webpage. Opera doesn't carry this trend as far as some competitors, however. The browser, for example, still retains its very useful sidebar.

The main function of a frame of a picture or painting is to enhance the viewer’s experience of the work it houses, not to distract from it. We believe a browser should provide such a frame for the Web.

Two themes inspired by photography

The other two standout improvements in the Opera 60 redesign are the Light and Dark theme inspired by photography, where the goals are to maximize or minimize the amount of light in a photo while still retaining contrast.

It comes down to what works best for you – we're giving you a choice to frame your web browsing in a way that works for you.

A Minimalist and Distinctive New Design

The 1st impression when you open Opera R3 is that it was designed from scratch with a user centered approach. The most distinctive part is Opera's tab menu in the toolbar, complete with large preview images of the currently hovered tab, is amazing for quickly finding that tab needle in a haystack.

We've achieved this in very specific ways. We’ve given the browser a fresh new look and moved some of its key functionalities, so that there is nothing to distract you from your content.

The Bottom Line

When Microsoft recently announced that it would abandon its own rendering engine, it's a wild concern that the lack of competition would harm the Web. This is where Opera seems miles ahead of most of its competitors, with a built-in ad blocker, the ability to easily send pages between desktop and phone using Opera Flow, a built-in RSS reader (called Personal News), and so on.

Download this brand new browser from Opera Official Blog .