Alright, so your business or organization has a birthday coming up. Before you up and order balloons and champagne, consider the creative ways an anniversary celebration can be leveraged as a much more compelling campaign. And thus, #MyTwitterAnniversary was born.

Create The Feeling To Share

The design team at Twitter kicked off the visual design phase with the complementary notions that the artwork must feel celebratory and that each year should be dynamic and special. Whether people have been on Twitter for two years or 11, they'll feel inspired to share and celebrate their unique anniversaries.

Paper Craft Design Technique

Twitter design team presented three creative directions to start, and after making some tough decisions, ultimately arrived at their paper craft design technique. Explorations and research followed to identify the fonts and paper engineering techniques that would make each number unique.

The Progress of Designing

The design was time-consuming, as each number called for its own process. Once each piece of artwork was made, designers need to light and photograph them to produce the digital versions.

Have An Alternative or Redesign Idea?

There are a lot of different ways to join the party. But it's just not an easy try to get a close alternative or redesign on current Twitter Anniversaries theme. Check the following animal and spring themed Twitter Anniversaries pictures to gain some inspiration.

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