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Imgur Just Rolled Out A New Design and It’s Awesome


As the Top 15 ranked site in U.S, Imgur reaches 250+ million people per month and has billions of posts viewed every month. Users silently consume an endless community-curated collection of absurd GIFs, inspiring tales, pop science explainers and giant meme dumps. As said by Josh Constine (the tech reporter of TechCrunch), Imgur now is the internet’s best time sink.

After six months of building in beta, Imgur has begun rolling out a completely new look, which looks more attractive and addictive. Even though the beta redesign has been announced on Imgur blog about three weeks ago,  many users just get the official update couple hours ago. Anyway, check out how it looks.

Imgur Home Page

When you just open Imgur homepage, you’ll see a new design with larger thumbnails that show post details, new tags to explore, improved search, and a friendlier feel. The thumbnails are now customizable and allow to toggle between waterfall view or grid view.

Imgur Profile

The profile page now gets completely revamped as well. You can see your hard-earned internet points and trophies front and center, and covet the others you’ve yet to unlock.

Imgur New Design - Profile

Imgur Favorite Folders

The Imgur Favorite Folders has been greatly improved on both desktop browser and mobile apps. For Android phone users, the ADs now shows in a dark grey box and are labeled with “Advertisement” to order to distinguish these larger square ads from the regular images.

Imgur New Design - Web & Mobile

The Bottom Line

For creative designers who’re keen on dark theme UI designs, the new look of Imgur for sure will bring some new inspiration on your next work. If you have any thought on this change, tell us in comments.

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