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Upgrade To iOS 12

How To Update Your iPhone iPad To iOS 12 Beta


It’s been three weeks since Apple officially revealed iOS 12, and since then only Apple developers have the privilege to try these new iOS 12 features like Screen Time, Shortcuts, ARKit 2, etc. Here’s a good news: from today everyone can upgrade their Apple devices to iOS 12 beta.

So what’s new in iOS 12? Is it worth being the guinea pig to join iOS 12 beta upgrade program? If you are brave enough to take the plunge, give a try to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to this iOS 12 beta on this page.

What’s New in iOS 12

Camera Effects – Don’t get disappointed if you cannot find any new message effects or keyboard options in iOS 12’s Messages app, but there are still big improvements. With iOS 12, you can open a separate Photos iMessage app when you try to send photos in Camera Roll. The benefit of Camera Effects is that you’re able to have extra iPhone storage space saved up.

How To Upgrade To iOS 12 Beta

Four New Animoji – iOS 12 beta Animoji selection now adds a tiger, ghost, T. rex and koala. More important for Animoji fans, all of those ones now more accurately identify and render one’s winks and tongue waggles.

How To Upgrade To iOS 12 Beta - New Animoji

Better Performance – Apple promised that whether you’re using your iPhone or iPad, iOS 12 has been enhanced for a faster and more responsive experience all around. Things you do now with iOS 12, like opening Camera and typing with the keyboard all would be faster than iOS 11. These enhancements improve performance on all supported devices, even your ancient iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

How To Upgrade To iOS 12 Beta

The Checkpoints Before Upgrading to iOS 12 (beta 1)

Don’t get too excited about this first iOS 12 public beta as it may break your iPhone or iPad. Even though we can take the general safety of this iOS 12 beta upgrade, it’s still a (relatively high) risky operation. So we suggest you consider the following iOS 12 beta upgrade checkpoints before starting.

  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad has a recent and solid backup on both iTunes and iCloud;
  • Read every iOS 12 Beta upgrade rules, terms, and conditions, which may give you particular clues with which problem you may come up;
  • If you’re using an older version of iOS or an older iPhone/iPad, it might be a good idea to hold off on the download until you’ve dug into some of the early feedback from iOS 12 beta users;
  • This iOS 12 beta is early software and early software is typically plagued with bugs and performance problems. So always cast an eye on the latest iOS 12 beta problems and fixes to keep your upgrade easy and smooth.
  • If you run into problems on iOS 12 beta, the iOS 11 downgrade will be a valuable resource.

iOS 12 Supported Devices

Before upgrading your iPhone, iPad to this iOS 12 beta, make sure your device is capable of running it. Like iOS 11, iOS 12 is only compatible with 64-bit devices – which means 32-bit devices like the iPhone 5 won’t be able to run the update. Here’s a full list of iOS 12 supported iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices:

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X
  • iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4 iPad 9.7 inch, iPad Pro 9.7 inch, iPad Pro 12.9 inch, iPad Pro 10.5 inch
  • iPod touch (sixth generation)

How To Download iOS 12 Beta

To download the iOS 12 beta, go to while on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and tap “Get started.” You will then be asked to enroll your device which will require signing in with your Apple ID. Afterward, you have to download the configuration profile for your device.

How To Install iOS 12 Beta on Your iPhone

Once the iOS 12 beta installing profile is downloaded, head over to your iPhone’s Settings > General > Software Update. You’ll then find the iOS 12 beta is ready for installation. Tap Download and Install > Enter your passcode > Agree on the terms and conditions > then you’ll be able to download this iOS 12 beta. After the download is complete and your device reboots one more time, you will officially be running iOS 12 beta.

The Bottom Line

Before iOS 12 was officially released, Apple underlined its focus on making iOS 12 upgrades more stable and capable since these overwhelming iOS 11 problems have been caused real disturbances to users. For average users, it’s suggested to wait for the official release of iOS 12 before upgrading. But if you’re the forerunner in the field of app design and development, and have sufficient skills to handle with unknown iOS 12 beta problems, give it a try today here.

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