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How To Stop iTunes from Opening Automatically


It’s quite frustrating when every time you plug your iPhone, iPod, iPad or whatever Apple devices into your Mac or Windows 10 computer (usually just to charge it), iTunes and a load of other apps open up on your computer. Oscar Nilsson, a product designer on Dribbble, shared his thoughts on a missing feature in iTunes:

I don’t hate iTunes – it’s just not my choice of music listening software right now. My only wish is that it didn’t have a tendency to open itself in all sorts of random scenarios, despite my choice not to use it.

Luckily it’s pretty easy to stop iTunes opening automatically when you attach your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or iPod via USB. Follow steps below to get it done easily.

Method 1 – Stop iTunes Opening Automatically on An Apple Device Is Connected

By default, iTunes will launch when an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or other iOS device is connected to your Mac or Windows computer for starting a sync. To stop this, simply disable the automatic syncing option in iTunes: Open iTunes > Connect your iPhone or other iDevices to your computer > In iTunes’ menu bar, go to Preferences > Devices > Check the “Prevent iPhones, iPads, iPods from syncing (with iTunes) automatically”:

How to Prevent iTunes from Launching Automatically

Method 2 – Stop iTunes from Opening Automatically When Playing an Audio File

Does anyone feel iTunes is a nightmare when you have hundreds of unlabelled audio tracks that have nothing to do with music? This is actually a feature of Mac OS X as opposed to iTunes itself and has to do with which application is assigned to open different types of media files.

On OS X, iTunes registers itself to handle all of the file types that you would typically have in an iTunes library (e.g. MP3, M4A, WAV, etc), which has the unfortunate side-effect of meaning that it opens as the default audio player when double-clicking on any of these file types and imports the track in question to your iTunes library in the process. The good news is that you can easily stop iTunes from opening automatically when you trying to play an audio file.

To do so: To change Launch Services, right click an audio file and select “Get info.” > Open With > Choose a default application you want and select “Change All”:

How to Prevent iTunes from Launching Automatically

Method 3 – Stop iTunes Opening Automatically with 3rd-party Apps

The app noTunes is perhaps perfect for disabling iTunes from launching in all cases. This is for any process that may attempt to launch it, including launching it yourself. Luckily, once initiated, the program is easy enough to disable. If you actually want to launch iTunes, you will be able to do so.

How to Stop iTunes from Opening Automatically with NoTunes

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