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Graphic Designer Álvaro Gives Apple Music A New Concept Design


Graphic designer Álvaro Pabesio today shared his new concept design for an updated, enhanced Apple Music on Behance, and it’s an impressively detailed look at UI tweaks and changes that Apple could make to fix a few user gripes with its streaming music app. Comparing with the current Apple Music, Álvaro Pabesio rolled out his Apple Music concept design idea with simpler UI, music history stats, Group Playlists, and More.

With a revamped design, Apple Music makes everything about music better than ever. Based on a desire of taking the experience and improving it, we’re created a new Apple Music that is even simpler, more useful and more enjoyable – but still feels instantly familiar.

Music Library

The new Library tab removed the vertical list for Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Songs, and introduced a horizontal tab bar that you can scroll through.

Apple Music Concept Design


You can have more content on the screen at once, thanks to the reduction of the current app’s large image banner carousel and the same horizontal scrolling bar from Pabesio’s interface.

Pabesio’s New Search and Browse:

Apple Music Concept Design

Apple Music’s Current Design:

New Social Tab

One of Pabesio’s biggest overhauls is a new “Social” tab. Each of your friends/follower’s page now shows their song play counts, following, and follower counts, and when you visit someone it’ll provide a taste comparison graph, similar to music social network

Apple Music Concept Design

New Music Report & Personal Record

Pabesio wants to give you weekly reports on the music you’ve played and new addictive artists, album, songs you’re newly discovered.

Apple Music Concept Design

The Bottom Line

For more details about this Apple Music redesign concept, you can visit Pabesio’s Behance page here. As the reveal of iOS 12 and much more at WWDC is just two weeks away, let’s find out if Apple will make some improvement on Apple Music design.



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