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1Password 7 for Mac’s Redesign Is Showing Off Today


1Password has become the standard for password management software within the tech community, and today 1Password is taking its Mac client to the next level. Speaking of design change, the entire app is getting a major overhaul. Gone is the predominantly white interface, replaced by a much more colorful, condensed interface that gets rid of a ton of empty space. Here’s how 1Password for Mac looks.

Enhanced sidebar

1Password 7 for Mac comes at you fast with its bold, beautiful sidebar. The revamped sidebar shows just more information, but the dark theme and monochrome icons allow you to focus on what matters most: your items.

1Password 7 for Mac

Drag and drop

You can see more vaults in the sidebar. This makes it easy to drag and drop items between vaults to organize them. You can drag them between two different accounts. And if you drag items onto New Vault, a vault will be created for you right there and then. It’s pretty easy to share and organize your information.

1Password 7 for Mac

Easily edit vaults

With the new sidebar, it seemed fitting to allow you to manage your vaults directly from there. Edit vault names, change their descriptions, choose an avatar or upload your own. All without leaving 1Password.

1Password 7 for Mac

Rich formatting in notes

Are you feeling bold? How about emphatic? You can now express your emotions in secure notes. Use Markdown in any of your notes to add clickable links, ordered and unordered lists, and eye-catching styles.

1Password 7 for Mac

New Font: Courier Prime Bits

No design is ever complete without finding the perfect font. 1Password’ve added a beautiful custom font created specifically called Courier Prime Bits (based on the lovely Courier Prime). Alan Dague-Greene is the creative genius behind this font and it makes your passwords look alive.

1Password 7 for Mac

Pop-out items

If you use lots of different apps on your Mac or enjoy doing multiple tasks at once, you’re going to love this: click the icon on the toolbar and your item details are whisked away into a new window that will stick around until you dismiss it.

1Password 7 for Mac

For those who wish to purchase a standalone license for 1Password 7 for Mac, licenses are available when 1Password is downloaded from the AgileBits website. Licenses are $49.99 for a limited time, and $64.99 after that. Licenses are per-person, per-platform, with macOS Sierra or later required.

Via AgileBits Blog

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